ESD-safe line

ESD-safe line

New line of dispensing components offered

January 2018

US-based Nordson EFD, a leading precision dispensing equipment and systems manufacturer, said that it has launched a new line of Optimum ESD-safe dispensing components.

The complete system includes dispense tips, syringe barrels (available in five sizes), and adapter assemblies, said a statement from the company.

These components are designed specifically for precision fluid applications used in manufacturing mobile devices, wearables, medical devices, fiber optics, automobile electronics, and other products, it said.

The new ESD-safe (electrostatic dissipative) dispensing components provide the highly accurate, consistent, and repeatable micro-deposits required as electronic devices shrink in size with an increasing density of electronic components, it added. Nordson EFD’s Optimum ESD-Safe dispensing components prevent static build-up that can damage fragile substrates, such as semiconductors and printed circuit boards – minimising costly rejects in the electronics manufacturing process.

The new ESD-safe line includes: a 27-gauge SmoothFlow tapered tips for dispensing micro-deposits of high-viscosity fluids; 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, and 55cc black syringe barrels; adapter assemblies available in all sizes.

These new components are an addition to the current ESD-safe offering, which includes: 18-gauge, 20-gauge, and 25-gauge SmoothFlow tapered dispensing tips; 30-gauge general purpose dispensing tips for high-to-low viscosity fluids; 33-gauge chamfered dispensing tips for low-viscosity fluids.

Brian Dodier, global product line manager – dispensing components, Nordson EFD, said:  “As component densities become smaller, it is becoming even more critical for finer, repeatable dispensing that is ESD-safe for electronic manufacturing to prevent costly rework, rejects, and operator safety concerns.”


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