Knowledge Summit focuses on Industrial 4.0

January 2018

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) concluded the fourth annual Knowledge Summit, earlier last month, at the Dubai World Trade Centre bearing the theme “Knowledge and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The summit constitutes a global knowledge platform bringing together decision-makers, experts and academics from various disciplines to discuss the opportunities and challenges brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as its impact on societies, said a statement.

The knowledge summit’s sessions discussed the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the history of the previous industrial revolutions, as well as their impact on decision-making.

Moreover, experts looked into the future of these developments and their effects on knowledge and other aspects of human life. The sessions also examined the impact of the industrial revolution on media, technology, education, healthcare and the economy, in addition to subjects, such as artificial intelligence and the future of robotics.

The sessions explored 3D-printing human organs, genetic editing and cell engineering, as well as digital surgery and medical developments in the treatment of common diseases.

Furthermore, the Summit discussed the legal and environmental changes, in addition to the future of the economy - especially exploring the participatory economy, shadow economies, the emergence of virtual currencies and the impact of these developments on employment.

Moreover, MBRF announced the results of the Global Knowledge Index at the Summit. The Index was developed in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and seeks to support knowledge projects, as well as economic and community development strategies around the world, while serving as a roadmap for the sustainable development of societies. It includes 131 countries from all regions of the world and comprises a total of 133 distinct variables, from different sources, and with strict data availability inclusion rules. Plans are underway to increase data availability and include more countries in the future.

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