Taylor: gearing up for IoT

Taylor: gearing up for IoT

Workz to be first eSIM maker in MEA

The company has especially developed a ‘first-phase’, removable version of the technology and testing capabilities

01 November 2017

Works Group, the Dubai-based mobile solutions and serialisation software specialist, has announced plans to become the region’s first eSIM manufacturer by producing a specialised eSIM card for mobile network operators from its Dubai production facility. 

New embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is expected to drive widespread adoption of IoT in business and consumer smart devices by allowing over-the-air updates or reprogramming of software, otherwise known as remote provisioning, and providing end-users access to multiple network providers without physically changing the SIM card. 

Workz has especially developed a ‘first-phase’, removable version of the technology and testing capabilities to enable telecom operators to quickly establish their foothold in the IoT market and facilitate their transition to new IoT technologies and business models, the company said. 

The Workz removable eSIM takes the same shape of a traditional (UICC) SIM card so it can operate in current market devices but with the advanced functionality of the new embedded SIM. The SIM can be fitted into any phone as it offers the versatility of the three SIM form factors (4FF, 3FF, and 2FF) in one card. The SIMs are designed in compliance with the global regulatory GSMA standards to guarantee their interoperability and integration with both current and future devices, the company said.

Workz CEO Brad Taylor said: “Like many, we’re excited by the potential of embedded SIM technology. Being as close to mobile network operators as we are, we recognise the magnitude of the task when it comes to IoT migration and turning potential into revenue.”

Taylor added: “Whether it’s as an embedded or removable element, we are gearing up for IoT and eSIM technology in a big way. Last month, we finalised a VAR agreement to provide regional commercial and technical support for eSIM operating software. The deal was made with Simulity Labs, recently acquired by global technology leader Arm, which gives us the support of a key international IoT player. In addition, this month we launched our sandbox capabilities so clients can locally test their proof of concepts under an accelerated development model to achieve rapid deployment to market ahead of their competitors.”

Workz possesses its own manufacturing facilities for SIM cards, scratch cards, and packaging as well as a fulfilment centre and a FIATA-licenced logistics service.

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