The MBBR range is a technology that has been fully developed in-house by Eflo

The MBBR range is a technology that has been fully developed in-house by Eflo

Eflo introduces new innovative solution

The company announced its full turnkey solutions to target specific needs of different applications by introducing their new MBBR series for the treatment of wastewater

01 November 2017

Eflo International, part of Concorde-Corodex Group, introduced its innovative new product for the treatment of wastewater for both industrial and domestic use at the recently held Wetex (Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition) 2017 conference in Dubai.

The firm, one of the region’s longest running providers of water, wastewater treatment and environmental services, officially unveiled the Moving Bed Biofilm Bioreactor (MBBR) product line on the first day of the industry renowned exhibition.

The innovative three product range – EfloMBBR, EfloIFAS and EfloHYB – offers various carrier types in order to target the specific needs of different customers and applications.

Eflo MBBR is a very compact, versatile and operator-friendly technology that helps to advance more cost-effective and contaminant removal practices, while EfloIFAS is a dynamic upgrade solution for an activated sludge system struggling with increasing loads and for municipal sewage treatment plants to promote nitrification and to reduce the load on the secondary clarifier.

Awad: confident

Awad: confident

EfloHYB is an MBBR process specifically designed for industrial applications high in strength, variable flows, and shock loads. Its plastic carrier ensures very high protected surface area with a controlled biofilm thickness. It acts as a pre-treatment for overloaded existing industrial wastewater treatment plants.

“This is a really exciting product line for us to be adding to our complete wastewater solutions. Not only is the MBBR technology revolutionary in the treatment of wastewater, it’s versatile, operator-friendly and cost-effective,” said Mahmoud Awad, managing director of Concorde-Corodex Group.

“For anyone who may be looking to install a new plant or upgrade their sewage treatment, we are very confident they will be impressed by our innovative new range,” he added.

The MBBR range is a technology that has been fully developed in-house by the company, it said in a release. The firm offers custom wastewater treatment plant designs through in-house lab testing, bench-scale tests, pilot tests, and studies and evaluations, it added.

Eflo provides complete water and wastewater solutions from start to end, able to serve each customer’s unique requirements. With years of expertise, it is able to provide creative and compact design, considering customer space constraints without compromising performance.

Established in 1975, Eflo, a UK based wastewater treatment technologies provider, offers innovative treatment solutions through design, manufacturing, and installation.

The company offers a range of other wastewater treatment products for sewage and industrial wastewater and water re-use. It has designed and installed treatment plants in the Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean islands over a period of more than 30 years.

The Concorde- Corodex Group is one of the Middle East region’s pioneering providers of fire protection, water, wastewater treatment and environmental services. Established in 1974, the company has evolved to become the largest group to offer a diverse portfolio of products and services like a complete kit of water treatment services, firefighting equipment and marine and industrial chemical cleaning to name a few.

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