Officials at the inaguration of the factory

Officials at the inaguration of the factory

Elan Group opens new signage factory

01 November 2017

Qatar's Elan Group, a leader in entertainment, events and city beautification, has opened a signage factory specialized in the production of high-quality traffic and road signs in the Industrial area in Doha.

The factory was inaugurated by Abdul Aziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa, chairman of Elan Group and CEO of Qatar Development Bank, and Jaber Abdullah Al Ansari, Elan Group CEO in the presence of Dr Saad bin Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mohannadi, chairman of the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

The factory is spread over an area of 12,000 sq m with a total production capacity of about 200,000 signs per year and is equipped with a highly advanced automated production line, which uses the latest technologies to produce signs with very durable aluminium and steel, and high-quality silk screen and digital printing to deliver highly reflective signs.

Elan Signage is operated by a joint venture between Elan Group and VIS Mobility, a leading Italian company in the design and manufacturing of road and rail signs, and mobility infrastructure with over 50 years of expertise working with international clients. VIS Mobility operates the factory and provides high-quality signs to supply development projects across the country and meet growing local demand.

Al Ansari said: “We were determined to establish this factory to strengthen the local production of road & directional signs of various types. The urge to establish this factory was to meet the increasing demand generated by the multiple infrastructure and development projects across the country ahead of the World Cup 2022. This will directly contribute to ensuring a self- sufficient Qatari market”.

Al Ansari noted that the future plans of Elan Signage factory are not limited to supplying the local market, but also include the export of these Qatari products worldwide. “We are keen to produce traffic and road signs of various types in line with international standards as we plan to export our products to foreign markets. We are confident that our products have all the specifications that will make them desirable and required in the markets and global projects. Moreover, the factory is characterised by its flexibility increase its production capacity to meet growing demand,” Al Ansari explained.

Elan Signage is a subsidiary of Elan Group which is owned by Qatar Development Bank.

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