The prize-winning aluminum can

The prize-winning aluminum can

Innovation spurs growth at SAPIN

The company’s marketing vision reinforces its leading presence in the region and falls in line with its ongoing commitment to support Saudi Arabia and Saudi Vision 2030

01 October 2017

Dammam-based Saudi Arabian Packaging Industry (SAPIN) is on track to touch greater heights as it aims to become the metal and plastic packaging products hub in the Middle East region.

The leading metal packaging supplier to the paint, food and aerosol industry, which marked its 40th anniversary last year, is striving to achieve its goals by capitalising on its pioneering role, focusing on innovation and achieving world class quality levels.

“We are the leaders in metal food cans, paint cans and aerosol cans and aim at becoming the metal and plastic packaging products hub in the Middle East,” said Saurabh Timochin, the company’s marketing and communications manager.

According to him, SAPIN’s soaring marketing vision reinforces its leading presence in the region and falls in line with its ongoing commitment to support Saudi Arabia and Saudi Vision 2030.

“We are concentrating on developing Saudi talent, increasing our manufacturing presence and improving our quality to world class levels, in line with vision 2030,” Timochin said while commenting on SAPIN’s contribution to Saudi Vision 2030.

The company also has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility and is involved in local social activities such as raising breast cancer awareness (Think Pink) and promoting healthy lifestyle initiatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

A SAPIN production line in Dammam

A SAPIN production line in Dammam

SAPIN has grown into one of the region’s largest and most-preferred packaging supplier, manufacturing a wide range of consumer and industrial packaging products to leading local and multinational firms.

It has some iconic names among its clients that include Fonterra, Almarai, Mondelez and Nestle in the food sector; Saudi Aramco, paint manufacturers Hempel, Jotun and Berger and Al Jazeera (industrial) and Reckitt Benckiser (aerosol).

SAPIN operates four manufacturing facilities for its metal and plastic packaging containers. Three of these are in Dammam and one is located in Dubai, UAE. Among the Dammam plants, SAPIN 1 is dedicated to coating and printing and SAPIN 2 to the production of food packaging. SAPIN 3 has a head office building and a plant to manufacture industrial cans, aerosol cans and plastic pails.

The Dubai plant specialises in food packaging and has the Leed certification reflecting adherence to environment-friendly principles. And it went further, gaining platinum membership of EWS-WWF (a partnership of the Emirates Wildlife Society and the Worldwide Fund for Nature).

An innovation-driven company, SAPIN has since its inception demonstrated a continued passion for innovation and growth. From time to time, it has introduced technologically advanced plant equipment and launched products that have won it accolades.

From being the first in the region to produce aerosol cans and introduce computer-to-plate metal printing, it was also the first globally to manufacture two-piece aluminium cheese cans, developed with a European partner and supplied to Mondelez. The innovation won it an award at the Canmaker Summit three years ago. The prize-winning product was praised for its attractive lightweight design, the easy open end and a specially formulated lacquer that helps release cheese easily, while otherwise it would stick on to the sides as happens with conventional cans.

This year, once again, the company proudly stated that its newly developed matt finished paint and aerosol cans have been nominated for three separate “Can of the year” Awards that will take place later this year.

“A key aspect in succeeding across numerous segments is by relooking at the consumption process and understanding where SAPIN can add additional value across the value chain,” Timochin said.

“This can come in the form of offering technical partnerships to customers, working with them to innovate new packaging products for a changing requirements and continuously raising the bar when it comes to the quality of our products,” he added.

Commenting further on the challenges and difficulties the company faces, Timochin said:  “Each industry has its own unique characteristics, opportunities and challenges.” 

“While oil prices have slowed down business in the region, I look at this as an opportunity for a forward thinking company. As the Saudi economy transitions in line with the Vision 2030, we at SAPIN are focusing on three major aspects: IT automisation; brand building and world class quality levels,” he added.

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