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01 September 2017

Gulf Industry provides the region’s industrial sector with a unique monthly review of everything that is of vital interest to readers – from departments covering electricity and power generation, communications and IT, environment and water to specific industry sectors such as building materials, agribusiness, food and beverages and many more.

Each month Gulf Industry provides the most comprehensive round up of industry news supplemented by interesting interviews, features and analysis. Key economic indicators provide hard factual information allowing for trend analysis. Monthly detailed listings of contracts and tenders give readers unparalleled insight into the opportunities available in the region’s industrial sector.

The magazine’s circulation throughout the region and internationally makes it a unique window into the Gulf’s manufacturing sector.



Bahrain – The Gulf’s smallest state is expanding its economic base and encouraging investors to set up manufacturing and logistics enterprises.

Welding & Welding Machines – An important element in industrial fabrication which entail skills and technology.

Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers & Tanks – The number of companies involved in this sector is growing in the region.

Technology & Breakthroughs – Constant research yields systems that expedite manufacturing and improve  quality standards.

Aluminium & Glass Products – Their ongoing contribution  To the construction industry is monumental.

Food & Beverages – Life’s essentials, regardless of the economic cycle.

Logistics & Warehousing – The movement of goods and their protection through secured spaces helps sustain trade and commerce.

Middle East Electricity – A preview of this key expo and conference, being staged in Dubai from 14 – 16 February 2017. With the GCC needing an estimated US$50 billion investment in new power generation capacity, Gulf Industry looks at participating regional and international companies.



Saudi Review – The region’s industrial powerhouse has grand new ambitions to diversify its economy.

Turbines – They are increasingly sophisticated and their value to electricity and water generation is immense.

Steel Products – Gulf Industry looks at the latest developments in this important sector.

Pipes & Pipelines – What’s produced has to be connected efficiently and safely.

Paints & Coatings – They beautify buildings but have a role far beyond aesthetic appeal.

Port Operators & Shipping Lines – Their presence keeps the wheels of commerce moving and guarantees supplies to consumers.

Electrical & Lighting Products – An essential sector, whatever the end use.

Gulf Industry Fair – The northern Gulf’s iconic trade expo beckons manufacturers, traders, free zones and professional visitors from 7-9 February 2017 in Bahrain.



UAE Review – We showcase the tremendous strides being made by the GCC’s most diverse economy to create  world-class industrial infrastructure.

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings – Built-to-purpose structures, their use has multiplied across many sectors and markets.

Fire Prevention & Safety – A look at the technologies, products and players in this critical field.

Plastics & Rubber – The two sectors continue to adapt to ever-broadening requirements in both industrial and non-industrial spheres.

Valves, Pumps & Compressors – Increasingly smart technologies deliver advantages to the manufacturing and utilities sectors.

Power Generation – A look at the regional projects planned, ongoing or completed in this vibrant and vital sector.

3D Printing – This new manufacturing approach is making waves internationally, including in the Gulf.



Kuwait Review – Gulf Industry looks at the steps the country is taking to develop and diversify its industrial base.

Pollution Prevention – We explore some of the technological breakthroughs which are helping to address industrial air and water contamination issues in the GCC.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) – We look at the industrial clusters and logistics ventures which make up this world-scale development.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare – The Gulf is increasingly focused on these twin sectors, with new manufacturing ventures and trading channels.

Building Materials – From bricks to marble, steel, glass and insulation, this arena has benefitted from huge investment in manufacturing capacity and capabilities.

Marine Paints – Ship owners and operators, along with shipyards, rely on high quality, environmentally-friendly, cost effective paints to keep goods and people moving efficiently and safely.

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) – A look at this fast emerging industrial powerhouse on the Red Sea north of Jeddah. From King Abdullah Port to the Industrial Valley, Gulf Industry focuses on KAEC’s dynamic model of investment and growth.



Saudi Eastern Province – The Kingdom’s industrial heartland has witnessed massive expansions in area, investments, yield and reach over the years, and the push for further growth continues.

Water & Wastewater – A crucial sector where some of the smartest professionals are at play and where newer materials and systems offer communities great benefits.

Petrochemicals – The Gulf region is one of the world’s petrochemical powerhouses, with world-class plants delivering valuable industrial revenue streams.

Measuring & Testing – A key element of the manufacturing process, and one that makes operations slick and products safe.

Metal Coating – A growing community of coating enterprises has emerged in the GCC, with impressive levels of proficiency.

Packaging – What’s produced needs to be packaged to maintain product integrity, keep it safe for the consumer and enhance brand recognition.



Riyadh – We highlight how the Saudi capital’s credentials as an industrial icon in its own right are being enhanced through an expanding array of goods and services.

Steel Review – The vicissitudes of the steel industry are well known but the sector has a key role to play in the region’s construction and infrastructure projects.

Shipyards & Ship Repair – Located on global cargo trade routes, the Gulf states have carved a niche in keeping vessels trim and in good running condition.

Wood & Wood Products – Some architects and builders have a soft corner for wooden material in construction with aesthetics one of the advantages in wood’s favour.

Sohar Port & Freezone – This Omani hub has a concentration of metal, petrochemical and refining industries, but recent government attention is increasingly geared towards investment in the free zone as the port is leveraged for greater business activity.

Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers & Tanks – A look into the business in the region and the technological advances achieved by international players.

Adhesives & Sealants – A review of products for the manufacturing and construction industries.



Jeddah Review – The Saudi Red Sea port remains a flourishing centre of trade and industry, with new businesses being set up and facility expansions announced.

Aircraft and Aviation Technologies – The Gulf is one of the world’s leading aircraft markets, and this is increasingly supported by local parts manufacturing and maintenance capabilities.

Machines & Tools – A view of the latest products and how they are making lives a lot easier through technological developments.

Sharjah Free Zones – The emirate had a head start in manufacturing and today the business climate is bolstered by its free zones.

Chemicals & Plastics – A report on innovations and product marketing, including the role of Gulf companies in developing the sector over the past decade.

Bahrain Port – A report on how the kingdom’s sea port is enhancing its capabilities and gearing up to capture future opportunities.

Power Generation – A look at projects either recently-completed or in progress in the region, including renewable energy schemes.



Qatar Review – An overview of the industrial projects underway in one of the region’s fastest-growing economies.

Cranes & Hoists – Used in factories, ports and on construction sites, these products are frequently upgraded with newer, safer and more productive versions.

Sabic Review – An update on the latest plans and aspirations of the Saudi petrochemicals and heavy industry giant as it reinforces its global leadership status.

Wires & Cables – A sector that has made giant strides in the Gulf with safe and innovative products in high demand on GCC and international projects.

Paints & Coatings – Renowned global players have manufacturing sites in the region where construction and industrial activity remains strong.

RFID – Gulf Industry offers insights into recent advancements in radio frequency identification technology, whose impact on commerce and other aspects of modern life is already immense.

Pollution Prevention – We report on the worldwide mission to make environments around factories and communities safe and sustainable.



Ras Al Khaimah – The emirate has carved a niche as a notable industrial player in the UAE, particularly in the fields of tiles and pharmaceuticals.

Industrial Vehicles – The Gulf has seen a proliferation of industrial vehicles on mining, construction and logistics sites.

Steel Review – A report on the region’s requirements and how local manufacturers are helping meet demand.

Fire Protection & Safety – A vital topic in today’s world of multi-billion-dollar investments where ensuring the safety of life and assets is non-negotiable.

Rubber Products – A review of how synthetic and artificial rubber matches the applications of industries as diverse as automobiles, construction, oil and gas and general manufacturing.

UAE Ports – The strides made by the country’s ports have drawn praise and inspiration globally, but expansion and continuous improvement continue to be the name of the game.

Fabrication Industry – Making customised products calls for well-equipped facilities and expertise.

Jeddah Islamic Port – This Red Sea port’s container and bulk terminals utilise the expertise of world-class port operators, and throughput is large and growing.



Saudi Review – Another look at the region’s most populous state on the threshold of a new era.

Abu Dhabi Industries – The oil-rich emirate is in the process of broadening its industrial base and expanding value in diverse commodities and services.

Valves, Pumps & Compressors – Products entailing a wide range of applications that touch multiple aspects of industry and are key to smooth and efficient operations.

Power Generation – A renewed look at a crucial sector where production must keep pace with the region’s ever expanding population and aspirations.

Material Handling – The movement, protection, storage and control of products ranging from natural resources to finished goods calls for specialised equipment and trained personnel.

Aluminium – The region is a significant producer of the metal and an influential player in the global industry.

Automation & Robotics – The Gulf is exploring how this sector can deliver greater savings and improved efficiencies in its manufacturing and logistics operations.



Oman Review – The sultanate has progressed dramatically in recent years, creating new business enclaves in hitherto undeveloped areas.

Jebel Ali Free Zone – Perhaps the GCC’s most recognisable trade hub making a significant contribution to Dubai’s economy, its success is respected around the world.

Heavy Industries – The region is home to some of the biggest heavy industrial players in the world, and the Gulf countries continue to benefit from their capabilities and reach.

Measuring & Testing Services – A look at what’s available in Gulf markets and how they deliver on their promises.

Pipes & Pipelines – A report on pipe manufacture and laying, along with the related aspects of maintenance and repairs.

Water & Wastewater – Desalination, purification and recycling are high-technology areas in which the GCC continues to take a leadership position.

Innovations & Breakthroughs – R&D is being vigorously pursued in many markets and establishments, resulting in prodigious products and insights.



Jubail & Yanbu – These two coastal cities have long powered Saudi Arabia’s industrial development, and they continue to contribute heavily to national economic diversification strategies.

Salalah Port – The Omani government is now working to realise the full potential of this port, which is strategically located along key east-west trade routes.

Food & Beverages – A report on the regional stalwarts  and their plans to fortify and grow their positions.

Renewable Energy – The green and sustainable route to generating power is gaining traction in the GCC.

Industrial Software – The silent hand behind the success of many industrial operations.

Logistics & Warehousing – Goods storage, handling and transportation come under the spotlight as Gulf Industry explores the networks which facilitate regional and global trade.

Paper Products – The old way of packaging has not lost its appeal and indeed could be making a comeback.

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