Mapei unveils top product lines at Dubai expo

01 June 2017

Mapei, a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products in the construction industry, showcased two of its most powerful product lines at the recently held Middle East Stone exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Mapei is a specialist in manufacturing of chemical products for building, including waterproofing products, special mortars and admixtures for concrete.

Mapei is heavily involved in the construction market through supply of a variety of products to the numerous flooring installers in the region, said a statement from the company.

Its products include adhesives, grouts, screeds, sealants, self-levelling compounds, resilient flooring and much more, it stated.

During the exhibition, the Italian group launched Mapestone System, which is a complete solution to obtain durable, long-lasting architectural stone road surfaces resistant to extreme temperatures.

Featuring exceptional characteristics that produce highly durable finished work that saves time and money in maintenance or repairs, these pre-blended cementitious products are used for stone and screed installation, block stone paving, and grouting joints and architectural flagstone, said the statement.

In addition, Mapei displayed new coloured grouts, the only one of their kind in the market in terms of the diversity of the range and the wide choice of colours, said a senior official.

The range meets every requirement in ceramic tile laying, whatever the surroundings, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, he said. The colours are divided into five different collections: Serene, Traditional, Natural, Romance and Glamour.

Stefano Iannacone, the regional director of Mapei Construction Chemicals, said the company also aims to focus on a range of products for LVT (luxury vinyl tile) floors. “We see a huge potential in the market for LVT with the increasing amount of hotel and domestic refurbishments in the UAE. Additionally, with the upcoming projects in the pipeline due to the approaching Expo 2020, we have witnessed an increase of architecture stone suppliers using cement mortar,”remarked Iannacone.

Mapei launched “Flexcolor 4 LVT”, an acrylic flexible grout which, when fixed on a LVT, allows the installer to create an effect similar to the joints between stone and ceramic. “This product was used on all the floors of Dubai Future Foundation, a government entity that provides innovative services integrating both public and private sectors. The product complies with the certified eco sustainability standards and international programmes aimed at safeguarding health and the environment,” explained Iannacone.

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