Work-in-progress for Grand Hyatt, Bogota, Colombia

Work-in-progress for Grand Hyatt, Bogota, Colombia

Aluman Group to enter Mena market

The leading industrial group based in Spain has decided to partner with Mena’s biggest aluminium extrusion company Alupco to emerge as the leading architectural system provider in the region

01 June 2017

Spanish architectural systems provider Aluman Group, an established business group spread across Europe, America and North Africa, is all set to establish its presence in the Middle East region.

Born 44 years ago as a small carpentry workshop, it is today a well-established global solutions provider in the world of enclosures and is now aiming to be a leading architectural systems provider in the Middle East region.

“We are looking at the Middle East as the most important region for the Group. So, we are especially thrilled about entering this part of the world and are putting all our efforts into it,” Aluman Group chief executive officer Manuel Angel Pose Palleiro told Gulf Industry.

To mark its entry into the region, Aluman has decided to partner with Saudi-based Aluminium Products Company (Alupco), a leading aluminium extrusion company.

“We are excited to be entering this market with the biggest aluminium extrusion company in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region. With Aluman’s significantly superior architectural systems, it only makes sense to partner with the best in the region and that is, without a doubt, Alupco,” Palleiro said.

Aluman’s architectural systems are known worldwide and it has been working with the best architecture studios in the world, such as Foster and Partners, Rafael de la Hoz, Jacks Nouvelle, Calatrava, to name a few. The Spanish major has participated in several landmark projects around the world, such as numerous airports in Spain, Tocumen International Airport in Panama, Torre Bacata in Colombia, Torre Irsa in Argentina, La Gare de Mons in Brussels, the Four Seasons Hotel in Casablanca.

“Our systems have evolved until becoming now the most important part of our business,” he said.

With an annual manufacturing capacity to produce 85,000 mt extruded profiles at its two plants located in Dammam and Jeddah, Alupco – established in 1975 – today is the largest aluminium extrusion company in Mena and one of the top 10 extrusion companies in the world.

Palleiro: relying on Alupco to achieve its goals in the Mena market

Palleiro: relying on Alupco to achieve its goals in the Mena market

“Alupco will help us achieve our goals faster as it already has a wide distribution all over the Mena market and it is confident that our systems will be welcomed with open arms as it satisfies the need for a superior aluminium architectural system,” he said while giving reasons for selecting Alupco as its partner for the GCC market.

According  to Palleiro, the Middle East market has one of the most potential development, coupled with the willingness of the different governments to change the production model and the effort they have made to increase tourism, are making this region one of the places with the most interesting projects.

“Today, big residential projects are happening in this region and we believe this region will be outstanding on the construction industrial projects in the next few years, quantitatively and qualitatively speaking,” he said.



Driven with its mission to ‘achieve customer satisfaction, deliver quality products and meet deadlines’, Aluman believes in working closely with its customer, understanding what he is looking for, and, getting his feedback at the end of the process as well as during the first year of the project. “Being right next to our customers is exactly how we have learnt everything and thanks to that we have improved our systems,” Palleiro explained.

Dwelling in detail on what steps Aluman takes to ensure its customers receive the best possible outcome while undertaking a new project or working with a new client, Palleiro said: “The first thing we do, is a study about the project singularities, the environment, the climate, which is key to the project›s final result.”

“Our systems have several solutions to be adapted to the different requirements the project and a good previous study is going to help reducing costs and time to that project. Of course, studying the planning needs of the construction is one of the key elements from that first study, because one project not delivered on time would be a failed project,” he added.

Aluman takes pride in being different from its competitors and likes to position itself as ‘the best possible option’ for its customers. “We are an architectural solutions provider of building envelopes, but most of all, we have been carpenters, manufacturers and first level project providers over 30 countries,” Palleiro explained and continued: “That is giving us an expertise, and knowledge about the challenges that our customers are facing, a lot higher than our competitors. Our systems are not created by an office, they are work proof and time optimised for manufacturing and installment. We not only work thinking about architectural studies, but about the professionals that are going to manufacture and install them.”



Laying stress on the importance of human capital for Aluman, he said that while it’s important to have the latest technology to stay ahead of the emerging developments in the industry, it was equally vital to focus on the core values of professionalism.

“For such an industrial company as Aluman, having the newest and most modern production technology and engineering is fundamental. But it is fundamental, as well having the professionals with a lot of knowledge and involved on their work every single day. Technology can be bought by anyone with money, but what is actually really worth it, is having the right people,” Palleiro commented.

“Here in Aluman, we have a great personal development and work atmosphere,” he added.

The company takes several initiatives to attract the very best talent in the industry including rigorous training.  “We are convinced that the best way of getting the best talent is training our younger employees. We value internal promotion and all of our employees know that the limit is set only by themselves. It is pretty easy getting great opportunities with the growth that Aluman experiments, and that is really motivating,” he explained.

Palleiro anticipates that in future, this industry will be facing an inevitable concern for environment, energy costs and sustainability. He, however, remains positive and hopes to implement all-encompassing initiatives at Aluman with far-reaching results and better outcomes.

“The challenge will be making carpentry systems that could save energy, reduce consumption and improving final users comfort,” he said. “Soon we will be seeing enclosure systems with lots of domotics, and that will lead to energy savings,” he added.

For now, the company is looking forward to introduce its systems in the Middle East region, with its partner Alupco. “We are already looking forward to knowing what they think about our systems, from the carpenters to the end-users,” Palleiro concludes. 

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