Top 15 agreements

01 June 2017

Among a series of deals signed by the US and Saudi Arabia last month, here are the top 15 agreements between the two nations:

•      Saudi Aramco: Deals worth $50 billion with US companies.

•      General Electric signed construction and mining deals worth $15 billion.

•      Raytheon in the Gulf will develop air defense systems and smart weapons in Saudi Arabia.

•      ExxonMobil and Sabic: Petro chemical production project agree ments.

•      Lockheed Martin: Support the as sembly of 150 Blackhawk S-70 heli copters in Saudi Arabia.

•      General Dynamics will enhance the localisation design, manufacture and support of armoured combat vehicles.

•      Rowan Co.: Design of offshore drilling platforms with $7 billion.

•      Nabors Industries expands $9 billion joint oil-drilling project.

•      Aramco and National Oilwell: A  new joint venture worth $6 billion.

•      Weatherford: Projects worth $2 billion for localizing oilfield goods and services.

•      Dow Chemical Company: Building a polymer production facility and research into other projects.

•      McDermott: Memos worth $2.8 billion for localizing Aramco’s goods and services.

•      Honeywell: Memos worth $3.6 billion for projects with Aramco.

•      Aircraft purchase agreement between Saudi Airlines and Boeing.

•      Jacobs Engineering: MoU worth $250 million in oil projects.

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