Agility’s newly acquired 177,000-sq-ft warehouse in Singapore

Agility’s newly acquired 177,000-sq-ft warehouse in Singapore

Agility buys warehouse in S’pore

Expanding its contract logistics footprint in the country, the company will be offering more high-end services for manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce customers

01 April 2017

Agility, a leading global logistics provider, has acquired a two-storey warehouse close to Changi International Airport, giving it more than 600,000 sq ft of warehouse space in total in Singapore.

The newly acquired 177,000-sq-ft warehouse is located in an area with access to an array of logistics services and two major expressways, said a statement from the company.

Agility has operated in Singapore for more than 40 years and employs more than 400 people there. It owns four other warehouses in Singapore, it said.

With an expanded footprint, Agility will be offering more services: automated quality inspections; a container-management e-system; a large-scale recycling programme for packing materials; and enhanced warehouse management systems with regional data back-up and business-continuity features, it added.

Mykell Lee, CEO Singapore, Agility, said that the company’s decision to invest S$25.5 million ($18.23 million) in the warehouse is a sign of its long-term commitment and belief in Singapore as one of the world’s foremost transportation and shipping hubs.

He added that the acquisition gives the company more capacity to add to its value-added service offering, which includes testing, assembly, configuring, labelling and packing.

Lee stated: “We aren’t just storing goods within four walls. In an expensive market like Singapore, customers want service innovation.”

“We are offering them technology-driven solutions to optimise their supply chains across the region. We have strong infrastructure and well-trained people to help execute that vision,” he said.

The official further noted that the company’s customers want help managing vendors, spare parts and raw materials. In addition, Agility provides tracking and visibility systems that allow customers to keep up with increasingly rapid inventory turns and complex supply chains.

Agility’s acquisition comes as Singapore is expanding and upgrading port and airport infrastructure as part of its strategic plan to strengthen its position as a global logistics powerhouse and emerging leader in fast-growing Asian e-commerce.

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