A team of Masa technicians treating outside a healthcare premises

A team of Masa technicians treating outside a healthcare premises

Masa defends pharma facilities

The company says its certified procedures in healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector, focus on prevention and eliminating pest sources with minimal environmental impact

01 April 2017

Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing pharmaceutical and healthcare sector offers many attractive opportunities not only to the business investors but also to pests such as crawling insects, flying insects and rodents. The pharma businesses and healthcare facilities always necessitate utmost quality commercial pest control as they cannot risk possible infection or bacterial outbreak caused by one of the many disease-spreading pathogens pests are known to carry.

Masa Establishment (for pest extermination, maintenance and contracting) understands the rigours of scientific pest control, and its technicians align Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions to the internal standards and controls for the clients. The company’s certified procedures focus on prevention and eliminating pest sources with minimal environmental impact. Particularly, with the clients in healthcare and other sensitive businesses, like hospitals, there is a zero acceptance for pests and unsafe pest control materials. This makes it that much more significant to discover and treat the source of pest problems.

The pests found in the healthcare facilities and hospitals can be very treacherous. These are some of the facilities that essentially require the utmost hygienic standards since the patients trust on everything being offered to them and even the surrounds to get healthier. This could be difficult and challenging to accomplish when there are pests around posturing cross contamination hazards in the facilities. Patients are exposed to risk when the pests are nearby and so are the documents, hospital materials and structures as well. It is observed that even the expensive hospital equipment is not spared by the existence of pests.

All aspects of IPM including pest identification, monitoring, and inspection are focused to be included in the pest control programme designed for modern medical and healthcare facilities. Special emphasis is placed on particular areas that are normally overlooked in the inspection phase of the treatment.

Masa Establishment is one of the leading commercial pest control companies working since 1980 that the pharma and healthcare facilities may hire for better pest care. The firm professionally trains its pest exterminators who perform the work diligently and effectively making sure that nothing is left to chance.

Pheromone traps serve good purpose to control flies

Pheromone traps serve good purpose to control flies

The company does not choose when it comes to the areas it can handle in getting rid of the pests. “Whether the clients need services for specialist clinics, dentistry, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, medical centres, hospitals, or pharma manufacturing plants and storage; the clients are assured to be accommodated and presented the best services to get the suspicions off their shoulders. We use the best commercial pest control techniques under the guidelines of National Pest Management Association (NPMA), USA,” said Mirza Waqar Ahmad, entomologist at Masa Establishment.

Masa Establishment has created a very long term reputation in the market based on its experience. “Our clients can be sure that their project won’t be an experimental one but the one that has certain results. To show commitment, we ensure the clients to repeat the control and pest treatment process free of charge as a request service in case the pests come back after the initial service,” he added.

The pharmaceuticals and healthcare facilities under the pest control contract with Masa Establishment include different types such as doctor’s offices and clinics, dentist’s offices and clinics, hospitals and medical centres, nursing homes, medical stores, medicine warehouses and medicine manufacturing plants and storage units.

An initial inspection of the places, inside and outside, is carried out to identify the type and extent of pest problems and reasons contributing to those problems which is very important. The key inspection factors include: interviewing the client or concerned responsible person, location of the infestation, extent of infestation, damage where and from what pest, conductive conditions, noting harbourage areas, noting sanitation deficiencies and checking the pest entry.

“Pest control practice can be as simple as fixing a few traps or spraying a building’s boundary. However, at Masa Establishment, we upraise the standards. It’s not only because our clients demand it but we do as well. With each and every passing day, we feel pride in being educators and problem solvers, levitating the graph of pest control to give emphasis to the pest prevention and longstanding solutions,” said Ahmad.

Mostly, pest problems are not usually sanitation problems. There’s perhaps something happening, such as pest hitching inside the patient possessions in a hospital. With the intention of resolving pest issues, firstly the pest habits, habitat and somewhat their life cycle needs to be identified. For example, if there are minor flies in an operating room, Masa will check if there are problems with the pipe on the wall that may have burst or some other problem that is creating a breeding and developmental source for the flies.

The company’s field staff is highly skilled and motivated to be the pest management leader in the industry, said Ahmad. “Our pest control consultants, technicians, supervisors and entomologists work closely with the clients in developing a comprehensive programme that surpasses all regulatory and compliance requirements for the concerned facilities. Our years of experience and technical expertise are the best in the pest control industry. The programme depends heavily on pest prevention as well as monitoring for pest activities in the critical areas,” he added.

It is a necessity for the healthcare facilities, hospitals and pharma to find the best commercial pest control services. The professional services are comprehensive in nature to deal with the existing issue and also seal out all loopholes that could lead to re-infestations.

According to Ahmad, Masa has been engaged with the pharma and healthcare providers for the last 37 years. “We realise that most of these facilities work around 24/7; therefore we do our best to offer professional services that would be minimum disrupting for the clients, their patients and the facilities. Our commitment to the industry is to certify the safety and good health of anyone who may enter the client’s facility, whether it is to perform a job, or as a patient with the use of the latest technologies and treatment techniques,” he said.

Masa Establishment under the leadership of Mousaied S Al Shieshakly believes that there are only two words that the clients must demand while choosing a pest management professional company to deliver the best conceivable service to their facilities: experience and expertise!

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