Al Waha Petrochemicals is a joint venture between Sahara and Basell Arabie Investissements

Al Waha Petrochemicals is a joint venture between Sahara and Basell Arabie Investissements

Al Waha to use CPS technology

The Saudi Arabia-based petrochemicals firm will use Honeywell’s CPS to improve performance of its plant in Jubail and ensure maximum propylene production

01 March 2017

Honeywell, a pioneer in automation control, will provide its IIoT-based Connected Performance Services (CPS) offering to Al Waha Petrochemicals Company to explore possibilities of maximising its propylene production.

The implementation falls in line with Honeywell’s ongoing commitment to support Saudi Arabia with its diversifications plans and Saudi Vision 2030, the company said.

CPS is a key part of Honeywell’s Connected Plant initiative that helps manufacturers leverage the IIoT to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of operations across a single plant or several plants across an enterprise. CPS integrates Honeywell UOP’s process and service expertise into the Connected Plant cloud platform.

Al Waha will use a tool within CPS called Process Reliability Advisor at its plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, to continuously analyse the operation of its Oleflex unit, quickly detecting and resolving problems to ensure the plant operates at its peak capability.

This tool will use Honeywell UOP process and fault models, fed by current plant data, to provide key performance information and process recommendations, the company said.

“Process Reliability Advisor provides detailed analysis of the unit operation and makes corrective recommendations to prevent production interruptions and improve plant performance,” said Zak Alzein, vice president for Honeywell UOP’s CPS business. “Al Waha will be using it to maximise on-stream reliability of its Oleflex unit, while also optimising propane consumption.”

The solution uses Honeywell UOP’s deep troubleshooting experience and proprietary models to identify and resolve problems that affect plant efficiency and productivity, giving refineries, petrochemical and gas processing plants greater visibility into their operations. By proactively identifying problems that can lead to unplanned shutdowns, it can prevent millions of dollars per year in lost productivity for plant operators.

“Process Reliability Advisor is designed with the user experience in mind,” Alzein said. “It uses an intuitive interface that delivers recommendations in a way that allows engineers to get the information they need to take quick action. We believe this project is another example of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing digital transformation, which is an important aspect of creating a sustainable and diverse economy.”

CPS also offers Process Optimization Advisor, which continuously monitors streaming plant data and applies Honeywell UOP process models to determine the economic optimisation. All solutions use big-data analytics and machine learning to drive a plant’s full potential.

Al Waha Petrochemicals Company is a joint venture between Sahara and Basell Arabie Investissements.

Honeywell Process Solutions is a pioneer in automation control, instrumentation and services for the oil and gas; refining; pulp and paper; industrial power generation; chemicals and petrochemicals; biofuels; life sciences; and metals, minerals and mining industries. It is also a leader in providing software solutions and instrumentation that help manufacturers find value and competitive advantage in digital transformation through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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