Grundfos team with the first CRN pumps assembled at the company’s facilities in Jebel Ali, Dubai

Grundfos team with the first CRN pumps assembled at the company’s facilities in Jebel Ali, Dubai

Grundfos launches CRN pump line

The assembly line located in Jebel Ali in Dubai, UAE, is its first in the Middle East and comes following an extensive feasibility study that examined numerous product types

01 March 2017

Denmark-based Grundfos, a leading pump manufacturer globally, recently launched its first assembly line for centrifugal in-line (CRN) pumps in the Middle East.

The opening of the assembly line located at the company’s facilities in Jebel Ali in Dubai, UAE, comes following an extensive feasibility study that examined numerous product types, said a statement from the company.

Stewart Procter, senior director operations and customer service, Middle East, Grundfos, said: “Exceeding our client’s expectations is a main component of our company’s philosophy.”

“Therefore, and in order to maintain the maximum flexibility for our 13 countries, we recommended that the CRN pumps should be assembled in our facilities in the UAE rather than keeping finished stock units. The recommendations were approved by the group’s headquarters,” he said.

“The study we undertook concluded that we can increase sales of our CRN1-45 by 350 units in the first year alone. In case we applied further improvements and adhered to the set plans, this number could remarkably rise to an extra 2600 units by the fifth year,” he added.

Notably, the approval for the assembly line was received at the end of August and the execution phase began through the VPC (verification of product conformity) process immediately after.

A small team in Grundfos was formed and included several departments such as the product management, engineering, CSU (customer support unit), quality and production, along with several colleagues from the Group who provided help, guidance and the ultimate approval of the VPC.

The optimum mix of components had to be determined, ordered and shipped which takes six weeks transit time from Europe to Grundfos facilities in Jebel Ali.

Various improvements to the test bed were made; lots of SAP data were entered; training sessions were organised; and production tools, printers, shelves and lifting tables were ordered as well.

Procter added: “Whilst I would like to say it was a smooth process throughout the VPC. We did have several minor hiccups that were easily dealt with by our expert teams, and the first 14 pumps were ready by mid-December, and we were able to take some along to our Christmas party on December 22.”

“We can say now that we’re all set to start selling, 2017 started off with the first official GGD-assembled CRN order for one of our OEM customers,” he concluded.



The award-winning world leader in advanced pump solutions, also launched its latest generation of MGE-motors at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES), held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, last month.

Grundfos MGE-motors achieved a remarkable world class rating with their IE5 classification offering 10 per cent energy savings and up to 25 per cent reduction in payback time of controlled E-pumps compared to IE3 solution, said a statement from the company.

The latest generation maximises the benefits of extreme energy efficiency and outstanding pump performance, providing another testimony of the company’s sincere and deeply rooted commitment towards sustainability and the environment, it said.

Henning Sandager, area managing director, Middle East and Turkey, Grundfos, said: “The new motors are the result of our continuous development efforts and our extensive experience in pumps sector, and come in line with our sustainability plans that are an integral component of our company’s strategies.”

“The launch of the new generation during the event is uniquely significant as it stresses the company’s global involvement in sustainability, and sheds light on the benefits the company can offer to the UAE and the wider GCC markets,” he said.

“The new IE5 classified MGE-motors have a wide range of applications in industrial and commercial building sectors making them the ideal solution-of-choice for businesses in the thriving market of the UAE,” he added.

The IE5 level has been attained by all MGE-motors in the range from 0.75 to 11 kw, and will come onto effect by January 1st 2017. These ground breaking motors by far exceed the coming legislative demands to meet the strictest criteria of the highest energy efficiency level for electrical motors. Notably, all Grundfos MGE motors in the range from 0.75 kW to 11 kW have successfully attained the IE5 status.

The IE5 motor with integrated frequency converter connects the accumulated pump experience of Grundfos into the dedicated control software. This combination of pump and customisable software optimises the system’s performance for any load point, delivering an unsurpassed reduction of energy consumption.

The key to these MGE motors unparalleled performance lies in their state-of-the-art intelligent components. These will adapt to the surrounding system and, coupled with the high-efficiency IE5 motor, will drive energy consumption down considerably.

Sandager said: “Reliable, customisable and energy sufficient are the words that connect to the MGE-motors from Grundfos.”

“Since their introduction in 2013, the motors have set the standards in the business, and just recently, the updated version has raised the bar even higher. Their energy efficient attributes, including the frequency converter, have made it possible for motors to exceed the previous versions and can now be marked IE5, the highest energy efficiency level worldwide for electrical motors,” concluded Sandager.

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