600 experts to attend cyber security event

01 March 2017

The largest cyber security gathering in Saudi Arabia with over 600 experts in attendance will be hosted this month in Riyadh.

The 2nd Annual International Cyber Security Conference (ICSC) is being organised by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) represented by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), in partnership with Naseba on February 27 and 28 at the Security Forces Officers Club.

VIPs, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT and security managers representing the nation’s critical national infrastructure organisations, private sector and academia will take part in the event.

Saudi Arabia has climbed four spots to become the 16th biggest economy in the world in 2016, fueled by its commitment to sustainable growth through economic diversification and technological transformation.

However, with the widespread use of technology, the risk of cyber threats from hackers, insiders, organised criminals, and foreign governments, has reached new heights, said a statement.

Enhancing the nation’s cyber security infrastructure to combat these threats, develop relevant standards, share critical information and educate stakeholders have become a key priority, it said.

Leading solution providers such as STC, Spire Solutions, TCC, Raytheon, SecurityMatterz, Advanced Electronics Company, Attivo Networks, BT, Fortinet, Innovative Solutions, Kaspersky, Northrop Grumman, PhishMe, Darktrace, Paloalto Networks, Protection Group International, Symantec and VirtualForge will be attending the show.

Dr Abbad Alabbad, communication and strategic development executive director, NCSC, highlighted that one of the key objectives of the conference is to “facilitate national, regional and international collaboration between government, industry and critical infrastructure organisations.”

Nicholas Watson, managing director, Naseba, highlighted that “effective information and knowledge sharing within and across industries is crucial to help mitigate cyber threats and attacks. The conference emphasises this, in addition to facilitating business transactions, partnerships and deals between the key stakeholders and vendors.”

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