Bin Sulayem and Musk at the meeting

Bin Sulayem and Musk at the meeting

DP World mulls use of Tesla technology

01 March 2017

DP World Group chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have discussed potential uses of Tesla technology for DP World’s global operations at a meeting during the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Topics revolved around the use of Tesla battery solutions for renewable energy storage in the global group›s ports and terminals in the fast growing markets of Africa, India and Latin America.

The company’s 77 marine and inland terminals in 40 countries form one of the most diverse and comprehensive operational networks in the world. Bin Sulayem is now also exploring possible implementations of Tesla’s state-of-the-art technology to further enhance DP World’s impact on global trade, a statement said.

DP World’s Rotterdam World Gateway is already employing driverless cars at its terminal, while several other DP World operations are in the process of implementing the new technology.

 Tesla’s decision to set up its regional headquarters in Dubai, which was announced at the summit, complements DP World’s vision to adopt innovative and sustainable transport solutions across its portfolio, it said.

Bin Sulayem, said: “As a global trade enabler, we think ahead, foresee change and prepare for it. Mr. Musk’s vision to revolutionise transportation holds tremendous potential for enhancing our operational efficiencies and ensuring the smoother and faster movement of goods. It also resonates with our vision to lead the future of world trade and to do so in a sustainable manner so that we leave a legacy we can be proud of.

“Our visionary leadership has taught us to anticipate change and this is what has led to our success as well as the rapid development of the UAE into the global business hub that it is today. Musk is at the forefront of enabling sustainable transport and energy use solutions, which is integral to our goal of protecting our environment and building a vibrant and resilient society.”



Meanwhile, the marine operator said one of its companies, Dubai Trade, has launched an integrated ‘smart’ online platform that connects supply chain stakeholders over a secure network to ensure ease of doing business with the emirate.

Dubai Trade, the ‘smart’ window for cross-border trade, last year added “LogiGate” to its portfolio of innovations.

It stands as a transportation and warehousing marketplace that enables cargo owners to book competitive haulage and storage services using a smart phone. 

In building their own systems and programmes, Dubai Trade is ensuring long-term technological investment that can be applied to new markets and business sectors around the world, said a statement from DP World.

Through such initiatives and with the company’s continued commitment to enabling seamless trade, over 14,000 new companies registered with Dubai Trade in 2016 summing up the total number of companies to 127,000 using 820 e-services available on the portal round the clock.

The portal also recorded an impressive 19 million transactions during the year, while doubling e-payment transactions on it secured ePayment gateway “Rosoom” to 2.3 million with earnings of Dh1.4 billion.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Group chairman and CEO of DP World and chairman of Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation, said: “In line with the Smart Dubai initiative, we are committed to pioneering world-class smart services, reinforcing Dubai’s leading position as a global trade hub, making our services more competitive to attract international companies.”

“Online services are no longer limited to payment channels but can offer integrated solutions to enable trade providing business opportunities supported by the latest smart technologies. We are working on exporting our expertise in this area in other countries and markets around the world,” he stated.

Dubai Trade CEO Mahmood Al Bastaki said: “Our industry needs more smart platforms to facilitate trade and to promote doing business so we are working on changing the way these are offered.”

“Our capabilities and smart services will also be compatible with other leading international smart platforms and gateways,” he added.

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