Cavotec 2500 series 400Hz converter

Cavotec 2500 series 400Hz converter

Cavotec on a roll

The Swiss firm’s automation technologies are transforming operations in the region’s ports and maritime facilities, airports, mining and tunnelling, and general industry sectors

01 December 2016

Global engineering group Cavotec has its hands full working on a number of projects across sectors ranging from airports to ports and maritime in the Middle East.

The Switzerland-based company is a specialist in innovative automation and electrification technologies that enables industries worldwide to improve productivity, safety and sustainability. The group delivers power transmission, distribution and control technologies that form the link between fixed and mobile equipment in the ports and maritime, airports, mining and tunnelling and general industry sectors.



In the global airports sector, Cavotec is a leading system designer, manufacturer, and integrator of a comprehensive range of advanced ground support equipment that help minimise tarmac congestion, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

“Since its establishment in 1993, Cavotec Middle East has worked on a large number of major projects across the region where the Group’s systems serve airports in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, yet Concourse 4 Dubai Airport project remains one of the most remarkable projects that we have handed over recently,” said Juergen Strommer, chief operating officer (COO), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Cavotec.



Cavotec is currently executing a turnkey project at the Presidential Flight Hangar in Abu Dhabi International Airport and at the Oman Air MRO facility in Muscat International Airport, where the company is supplying its innovative DX-Boost pre-conditioned air (PCA) technology for cooling aircraft, 400Hz Power System and the Pop-Up Pits System. It has also delivered the 400Hz Pits System to Abu Dhabi International Airport Mid Field Terminal Project.

Cavotec is currently fulfilling the deliveries for the Ashgabat Airport Hangar project where it is delivering large quantities of 400Hz converter, PCA units and Pop-up Pits. Based on the proven performance in Emirates Engineering Hangar, Cavotec has been awarded again to replace their existing PCA Units with Cavotec’s latest PCA System for which the installation if undergoing.

Cavotec Pop-Up Pits System

Cavotec Pop-Up Pits System

Among the new and technologically advanced products which the company has deployed in the past two years in the region is Cavotec’s proven Sub-freezing PCA technology. This, Strommer said, plays a pivotal role in cooling aircrafts enabling passengers to enjoy the highest levels of comfort on board the plane. Cavotec INET’s Sub-freezing DX-Boost systems cool aircraft quickly and efficiently by supplying PCAir at sub-freezing temperatures. The technology meets strict criteria and demands environmental conditions such as Dubai Airport, where temperatures frequently exceed 45 degrees Celsius.



Cavotec also has solutions for airports which Gulf airport authorities have not yet asked for. Cavotec takes pride of its pioneering solution, the E3 Gate Concept (Ergonomics, Economy, Environment), a fully-integrated gate concept that is energy-efficient, reduces fuel costs, and minimises the use of auxiliary power units. The concept improves operational efficiency by providing ground services (400Hz – PCAir – blue water – potable water – sewage – Air Start) via underground pits.



Cavotec’s airports market unit comprises three ‘Centres of Excellence’. Cavotec Germany is home to its Cavotec Fladung airports division which designs and manufactures a broad range of in- and above-ground GSE. Cavotec Dabico has been at the forefront of in-ground fuel delivery systems for some forty years. Its systems are in use at airports and air bases worldwide. Cavotec INET designs, manufactures and installs stationary and mobile aircraft servicing equipment. Through its domestic and international sales and field support offices, the company supplies 50/60-400Hz power conversion, pre-conditioned air and other power generation systems to the global aviation market.



As for offering solutions for other sectors such as ports, mining and tunnels, and general industry, Cavotec manufactures a diverse range of advanced technologies that help ports around the world to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably. These products include automated mooring systems, shore power technologies, Panzerbelt cable protection systems, crane controllers, marine propulsion slip rings, power chains and connectors, radio remote controls, motorized cable reels and steel chains.

Cavotec’s technological innovations for the maritime sector can be found at many ports across the Middle East region, especially in Dubai where Cavotec enjoys a longstanding and successful partnership with DP World Jebel Ali Port. “The group’s innovative equipment and solutions are playing a fundamental role in streamlining operations, reducing costs, improving safety and minimising carbon emissions, leading improved efficiency of the port’s operations,” said Strommer.

In February 2015, Cavotec won a new order to supply eight new-generation MoorMaster 400E15 automated mooring units for installation at berth 5 in the container terminal at the Port of Salalah in Oman.

The new order is the third MoorMaster installation at Port of Salalah, where the terminal has been using automated mooring from Cavotec since 2006. The new generation of MoorMaster systems brings new features and added benefits, some of which are related to the ease of installation.

MoorMaster is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed in, or mounted on the quayside or pontoons, moor and release vessels in seconds.

“This order for our MoorMaster automated mooring system indicates the ever-increasing acceptance of the technology in the regional ports sector, and points to the substantial future potential MoorMaster has for our continued growth in the segment. In addition to the high degree of safety offered by the system, MoorMaster also enables port operators to maximise utilisation and increase efficiency and productivity. The new generation of MoorMaster represents a breakthrough in global mooring operations,” Strommer added.



The company recently won a MoorMaster equipment and servicing order worth €10 million ($11.07 million) from Oman’s Port of Salalah for use at its two container berths.

MoorMaster is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed in, or mounted on the quayside or pontoons, moor and release vessels in seconds.

Cavotec is to supply 16 MoorMaster MM400E15 units for container berths 3 and 4 at Salalah, said a statement from the company.

A three-year maintenance contract has also been signed, a renewal of an existing agreement, which will see Cavotec onsite service teams working closely with the port to provide support at all five MoorMaster berths. 

Strommer said: “MoorMaster generates the safety and operational gains that are so critical to today’s port applications – this is especially true of container handling operations such as those at the Port of Salalah.”

MoorMaster units were first trialled at Salalah in 2006, and the technology was then introduced at berths 1 and 5. The technology has successfully reduced excessive vessel motion, common to the port, caused in part by “long waves” that are especially pronounced during the Khareef monsoon season.

The new units — eight each at berths 3 and 4 – are scheduled for installation before the 2017 Khareef season. Earlier this year, and prior to the 2016 Khareef season, eight MM400E15 units were installed at berth 6. These units have met all operational requirements even during the most severe periods of long wave activity.  

The system dramatically improves safety and operational efficiency, and in many cases enables ports to make considerable infrastructure savings. To date, some 200 MoorMaster™ units have performed some 215,000 mooring operations at ferry, bulk handling, Ro/Ro, container and lock applications worldwide.

The vacuum units hold vessels at set distances from the berth, thereby avoiding the need for ships to be repositioned along the quay – resulting in operational improvements and reduced emissions from ships and tugs.

Joe Schofield, Port of Salalah’s chief operations officer, said: “We are delighted to continue our work with Cavotec – helping to improve safety and optimise operations with MoorMaster.”


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