Excelerate’s FSRU Explorer at Dusup’s Jebel Ali LNG terminal in Dubai

Excelerate’s FSRU Explorer at Dusup’s Jebel Ali LNG terminal in Dubai

Excelerate in debut Dubai gas-up operation

01 October 2016

Excelerate Energy, a pioneer and market leader in innovative floating LNG solutions, has joined hands with Dubai Supply Authority (Dusup) to complete the first commercial gas-up operation at its LNG import terminal in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

It was successfully done with the help of Excelerate’s floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Explorer which gassed-up all five tanks of a 173,000 cu m LNG Carrier, in a 17-hour period.

Dusup said its ability to utilise the FSRU for these operations will allow LNG vessels departing regional dry docks avoid having to travel significant distances to perform this required step in the LNG cargo cycle, making Dubai a full-service LNG hub.

A second similar gas-up operation was completed a few days later on another vessel, it stated. The Dubai group said this achievement not only demonstrates the enhanced capabilities of the newly upgraded Explorer, but it also illustrates the versatility of FSRU terminals in their ability to provide more than just regasification services.

Gas-up is one of the mandatory operations an LNG carrier must perform to make the cargo tanks ready to receive LNG cargoes after leaving the dry dock.

As part of Explorer’s recent upgrades, the vessel can now provide gas-up, cool-down, and loading services to LNG carriers. The FSRU was also upgraded to include an LNG bunker port to service small-scale LNG offtakers.

“We are pleased to support DUSUP in its ability to be a full-service LNG provider in the region,” stated chief executive officer Rob Bryngelson.

“With the added capabilities of Explorer, Jebel Ali LNG Terminal is more than just an import terminal. We are committed to offering safe, efficient, and customised solutions to our customers,” he added.

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