(From left to right) La Fuente; Mowafy and Rahman at the inauguration of the outlet

(From left to right) La Fuente; Mowafy and Rahman at the inauguration of the outlet

EUT opens Continental outlet in Abu Dhabi

01 October 2016

Emirates for Universal Tyres (EUT), the sole distributor of Continental passenger, light truck and commercial vehicles tyres in the UAE market, recently celebrated the opening of the first Continental retail outlet dedicated to the end consumer in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The opening of this new point-of-sale concept, in Mussafah M2 area, Abu Dhabi, comes as part of Continental’s expansion plan to meet the growing demand for the brand’s ultra-high performance products and signals a new chapter in the way end consumers in the region can access the brand, said a statement from the company.

Customers will be able to enjoy a full Continental experience at the new retail outlet, served by a team of highly trained tyre specialists and benefitting from a range of services including tyre fitting, wheel balancing and alignment. With all staff members receiving ongoing training to ensure the highest service standards, customers will be able to expect fast and efficient assistance, it said.

The outlet will offer stocks of premium  Continental passenger and light truck vehicle tyres. The product highlights will include the award-winning ContiSportContact 5P, ContiPremiumContact 5 as well as ContiSeal which features a unique technology designed to seal a damaged tyre tread in case of penetration by foreign objects, it added.

Continental’s wide range of products appeals to the UAE’s most discerning customers thanks to the tyres’ technologically advanced features and high performance which are adapted to accommodate the country’s climatic conditions, said a statement.

The opening ceremony included José Luis de La Fuente, managing director of Continental Middle East; Michael Kriken head of PLT sales; Ahmed Mowafy, general manager of EUT; and Sohrab Abdul Rahman, general manager of Gulf Tyre, it said.

The newly opened outlet is the first consumer-focused retail store of its kind in the UAE working to the German premium brand’s high standards and rigorous guidelines, giving customers a specialised one-stop-shop to take advantage of Continental’s superior service standards and innovative products.

The outlet will join EUT’s two showrooms and five state-of-the-art service centres and warehousing facilities across the UAE. These, themselves, are testament to the success of EUT, Continental’s sole distributor of passenger, light truck and commercial vehicles tyres in the UAE market, it stated.

Ahmed Mowafy, general manager of EUT, said: “The opening of the new facility marks a further opportunity for customers in the UAE to access premium, German-engineered Continental tyres and a team of specialists ensuring they get the best service.”

“Clientele will have the opportunity to have their tyres fitted, realigned or balanced at the retail outlet in an exclusively Continental environment that meets the highest German standards,” he added.

Jose Luis de la Fuente said: “The outlet marks our company’s first such venture in the market and opens the doors for further expansion in the future,” he added.

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