Abdulla Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Wholesale City

Abdulla Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Wholesale City

Dubai hub calls for food trade

01 October 2016

Dubai Wholesale City has undertaken a series of opinion polls and discussions with food traders, importers and exporters with the aim to join forces in supporting the UAE food security.

Headed by Abdulla Belhoul, chief executive officer of Dubai Wholesale City, the survey team contacted more than 25 senior representatives of the most prominent companies within the sector.

Belhoul said: “The UAE is a major regional hub for food imports and exports. We are seeking to reinforce the country’s regional and international status through Dubai Wholesale City’s collaboration with the biggest players operating in this vital field that serves the interests of national food security and maintains market stability across the region. Our current aim is to get traders and other stakeholders on board and gather their opinions on the optimal development of the City in order to fulfill current and future market needs, and boost export and re-export operations to unprecedented levels.”

Aiming to increase the UAE’s share of the global wholesale trade sector, Dubai Wholesale City is set to span over 550 million sq ft, with an estimated development cost of Dh30 billion ($8.16 billion) over 10 years.

The future world’s largest wholesale hub will comprise specialised integrated trading parks that will cater to all the wholesale traders’ needs under one roof, as well as an international trade exhibition facility, country pavilions and an e-commerce platform.

Explaining the philosophy behind the innovative project, Belhoul added: “In line with UAE’s strategy of diversifying the national economy away from reliance on oil, we aim to become a major destination for wholesale traders worldwide. By offering smart and integrated services, implementing advanced infrastructure and providing efficient logistic support through the biggest network worldwide, the city will truly transform the global wholesale trade platform.”

Food consumption rates in the UAE are expected to rise at an annual rate of 3.5 per cent. 

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