RWI focuses on innovation in its product mix

RWI focuses on innovation in its product mix

RWI is set to flex its presence

The company plans to set up a new facility in the UAE and Sri Lanka and continue to focus on offering innovative products in the market

01 September 2016

Rubber World Industries (RWI), a leading manufacturer of closed-cell rubber insulation Gulf-O-Flex, and part of the Shaikhani Group of Companies, is set to intensify its efforts to meet the increasing demand for its products. The UAE-headquartered company has plans to set up a new facility in the UAE and another in Sri Lanka.

“We have been growing year-on-year with sales figures last year reaching Dh73 million ($19.6 million),” said Mahmood Shaikhani, group director of Shaikhani Group. 

“In order to meet the demand for our products, we are looking at setting up a factory in Ras Al Khaimah,” he said.

The company expects growth in the construction sector to fuel demand for its high-quality rubber insulation products, which Shaikhani said could match the requirements of the developments. 

RWI is also planning to launch new products over the coming months, including rubber insulation pipes at the Big 5 exhibition to be held in Dubai in November.

The company has been participating at the event for the last 10 years and also showcased new products every year.

“Last year we introduced rubber sheets mainly used in the ship building industry. This year we are introducing rubber insulation pipes. The pipes are large, at 5-inch diameter and 3-½-inch thickness. Currently, no one else is offering this product in the market,” he claimed.

RWI was established in 1993 with a 30,000 sq ft facility. Today its production unit covers a 130,000 sq ft area. The company exports to 90 countries worldwide and is has a major share in the Middle East market. Around 40 per cent of its production is exported outside the GCC. Besides the UAE, its main markets are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iran and India. Its current manufacturing capacity is 800 containers a year.

“In terms of quantity, we are producing 40,000 feet daily. However, there is still a gap. Inquiries and orders we receive is double our current capacity. So there is an expansion plan for more production lines to cater to the rising demand. In six to eight months, we will be increasing the capacity with the help of new lines,” he says.

Globally, RWI has an office and warehouse in Houston, the US, and an office in London, the UK, in addition to distributors all over the world. It also recently bought land in Sri Lanka to set up a factory.

“We are planning to set up a base there since the cost of labour, power and transport is low. The factory will cater to Asian and African countries like India, Nepal and Kenya. Sri Lanka is also a big market for RWI.”

In addition to these locations, RWI has joint ventures in South Africa and Mexico as well.

Commenting on business, he said the company currently has projects worth Dh25 million ($6.53 million).

The projects segment accounted for 30 per cent of its business while 30 per cent came from the air-conditioning market. Exports accounted for the remaining 40 per cent.

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