Sino-Oman Industrial City begins work

01 September 2016

Initial groundwork of the Sino-Oman Industrial City, an ambitious project that is expected to draw $10.7 billion in investment into the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Duqm, Oman, has commenced.

Chinese contractor Duqm Ningxia Construction Company is currently involved in the preparation of the sprawling site that will house a large number of heavy, medium and light industries, as well as host substantial tourist, commercial and healthcare components.

A team of officials from Duqm Ningxia Construction is currently based at the SEZ to help oversee the development of roads, office and residential facilities, as well as structures to house light industries and small and medium businesses, it said.

These initial facilities will serve as a stepping-stone for the phased development of the mammoth scheme planned over the next several years, according to a report in Duqm Economist, a quarterly newsletter published by the Duqm SEZ Authority (Sezad).

In May, the authority inked a landmark deal with Oman Wan Fang, which represents a consortium of six private Chinese corporations, for the establishment of a new investment hub within the SEZ. Outlining his plans for the development of the industrial city, Ali Shah – chairman of Wan Fang Oman,  said the company was in talks with the Ministry of Oil and Gas to secure the gas requirements of some of the heavy petrochemical and industrial ventures envisioned at the park.

Additionally, within the Sino-Oman Industrial City, the developer plans to set up a Light and Medium Industries Zone earmarked for, among other investments, assembly plants, automotive assembly units, halal foods processing, logistics based ventures, and e-commerce units, solar-based equipment, car batteries, oil and gas tools, bicycle assembly units, apparel production facilities and so on.

The initial elements of the basic infrastructure and support facilities that fall within the developer’s remit is expected to be ready by the end of 2017, added the report.

Covering an area of 1,172 hectares, the city is destined to become a dedicated industrial park in the heart of SEZ. Duqm’s second largest oil refinery will also find a home in the project. Among the industries on the site will be gas-based industries, including a steel mill, aluminium smelter, tyre manufacturing factory, magnesium plant, urea scheme, and factories manufacturing cement, building materials and glazed glass. Basic infrastructure  will be ready by the end of 2017.


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