Linksys’ latest Mu-Mimo offerings (from left) the router, adapter and range extender

Linksys’ latest Mu-Mimo offerings (from left) the router, adapter and range extender

Linksys brings new products to region

With networking growing phenomenally, Linksys’ latest Mu-Mimo products take that experience to a whole new level

01 August 2016

Linksys, a leader in networking solutions for home and business, has launched the Mu-Mimo AC5400 Tri-Band Wireless Router, AC1900 range extender and USB adapter in the GCC region and wider Middle East. 

Linksys was the first to ship to the Middle East market networking solutions with Mu-Mimo (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple Output) technology, the next generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 technology which helps improve overall performance and efficiency of a Wi-Fi network while providing dedicated bandwidth to Mu-Mimo capable client devices as if they have their own dedicated router. 

Linksys is the only company with five Mu-Mimo products in the market today representing the largest and broadest portfolio of Mu-Mimo home Wi-Fi solutions on the market. 

“A strong population of the Middle East are early adopters of technology who are willing to make essential investments that will enhance their networking experience. The key is for people to identify their usage requirements and upgrade their Wi-Fi technology to get the maximum from smart devices including home automation, 4K HDTVs, or smart gadgets,” said Amanulla Khan, managing director of Linksys, Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

“The latest in Mu-Mimo technology is set to take the networking experience of a connected family to the next level with its high speed and uninterrupted connectivity.”

Khan: a new high in networking experience

Khan: a new high in networking experience

According to a white paper by ABI Research, more than 84 per cent of all wireless 5GHz chipsets will be Mu-Mimo-enabled by 2019. To keep up with the speeds and performance of client devices coming to market such as 4K TVs, laptops, smart phones, tablets and game consoles, consumers will want to make sure they have the latest Wi-Fi router that can support all the new devices coming into the home.

Sandvine Research has reported that 70 per cent of internet traffic consists entirely of streaming video and audio content from sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, iTunes and Pandora. It was 30 per cent five years ago.

“With the rise of bandwidth intensive activities, such as 4K streaming and online gaming, the importance of an efficient and optimised Wi-Fi network is more critical than ever,” said Justin Doucette, senior director of product management at Linksys. “The Max-Stream family of products provides the broadest array of Mu-Mimo capable and enabled products in the marketplace. Mu-Mimo enables multiple devices to communicate with the router and/or range extender simultaneously, so the result is a faster and more reliable Wi-Fi.”

With the launch of the Max-Stream AC1900 Range Extender (RE7000), Linksys is introducing Room-to-Room Wi-Fi with Seamless Roaming to the entire Max-Stream product line. New to the consumer market, Seamless Roaming brings an enterprise-level Wi-Fi experience into the home. This technology helps enable client devices to roam around the home always connected to the optimal access point, either router or range extender seamlessly without having to manually connect or lose connection.

Seamless roaming works much the same way devices work in an office environment where users can move room to room, floor to floor always staying connected to the office Wi-Fi connection.

When Seamless Roaming is added to routers, range extenders and mobile devices, the mobile devices are able to switch and connect to the strongest Wi-Fi signal at all times. Users can run an uninterrupted Skype session on their smartphone, or watch YouTube/Netflix on their iPad while moving from one room to the other without dropping the signal.


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