Emirates Insolaire’s booth at Intersolar Europe in Munich

Emirates Insolaire’s booth at Intersolar Europe in Munich

Kromatix glass makes strides

The high-technology energy-saving glass developed by DI’s pioneering Swiss partner drew attention at a Munich fair as demand kept looking up in several markets

01 August 2016

Emirates Insolaire LLC, which offers the world’s first Kromatix solar glass, is making significant inroads in the sophisticated markets of Europe as well as the GCC region, a senior official says.

Rafic Hanbali, managing partner of the company, remarked: “Emirates Insolaire completed the installation of Kromatix solar PV modules in Lausanne, Basel, Leysin, Austria and is currently installing 12,000 solar glass panels covering 6,600 sq m at Copenhagen International School Nordhavn in Denmark to create one of the largest photovoltaic buildings of its kind in the world. The company is making significant inroads in Europe and across the Gulf.”

Emirates Insolaire is a joint venture of Dubai Investments (DI) PJSC and SwissINSO Holding Inc. The company produces and distributes coloured solar glass and colored PV modules using Kromatix technology which allows solar solutions to be completely integrated into the architectural design of all types of buildings for the very first time across the globe and opens new opportunities in terms of aesthetic design of building besides enhanced energy savings.

SwissINSO pioneers the development and application of new solar technologies. It developed the Kromatix technology in close cooperation with the leading Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Emirates Insolaire is expecting strong growth for its sustainable, energy-efficient coloured solar panel technology amidst surging demand for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) across the globe.It fielded strong enquiries for its photovoltaic modules from project entrepreneurs and photovoltaic manufacturers during its recent participation at Intersolar Europe exhibition, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry that was held in Munich, Germany. Over 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 trade visitors attended the exhibition. As demand for energy-efficient solar technology surges in Europe, GCC and the globe, Emirates Insolaire is expecting sales of 50,000 sq m of coloured Kromatix solar glass.


“The world’s first coloured solar glass is optimised for both photovoltaic modules as well as thermal collectors. The solar PV industry has reached a critical tipping point, with end-market demand hitting record levels almost every quarter,” said Hanbali.  

In 2015, total installed output in Europe rose to almost 100 GW, making the continent one of the largest markets for photovoltaics. A total of 50 GW of new photovoltaic capacity was added worldwide in 2015 in the midst of a strong growth phase which will witness the global photovoltaic capacity increasing to over 300 GW in 2016 and 500 GW by 2019. 

The coloured solar panels from Emirates Insolaire offer high efficiency, with each photovoltaic module capable of generating 170 to 190 watts per square metre for roofs or 110 to 130 watts per square metre for facades. 

“Emirates Insolaire’s coloured solar panels and photovoltaic modules enhance the design of any building and can be easily integrated to any façade or roof. Kromatix is becoming the reference, and simply put, becoming just the building envelope to efficiently produce energy from roof to bottom,” the company said in a statement after its participation in the Munich exhibition.

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