Rigs awaiting repairs at Asry

Rigs awaiting repairs at Asry

Asry launches new safety drive

01 July 2016

Asry, a Bahrain-based leading ship and rig repair yard, has kicked off a comprehensive safety campaign aimed at integrating a new safety culture into the workforce and modernize yard-wide safety protocols and procedures.

The launch event involved the largest gathering of Asry staff in its history, provided an explanation of the new safety drive’s theme – ‘Hero for Zero’ – and outlined the scope of the undertaking.

Chief executive Nils Kristian Berge highlighted that safety excellence had to be the top priority.
“In light of recent tragic safety failures, we are re-committing all available resources to developing every employee’s awareness of safety.

“Our analysis of safety statistics shows that many incidents could have been prevented if safety had been at the forefront of the minds of those involved.

“Ensuring a safe environment must be the first consideration of every employee before every task,” he said.

Berge said Asry needed a revitalised safety culture supported by updated safety policies, procedures and training and acknowledged it was a lengthy and complicated challenge that the company was committed to meeting as a top priority.

The Hero For Zero campaign draws on two principles, the first that safety is everyone’s own responsibility and everyone can be a safety hero and the second that all accidents are preventable and their number can be brought down to zero.

The ‘Safety Hero For Zero Accidents’ message will be communicated through a broad range of channels including yard adverts, newsletters and digital media, as well as through face-to-face refresher courses, training modules, safety literature, and more.

According to Asry, the drive will be rolled out in phases in the months to come which will include employee interaction initiatives, modernised training techniques, updated safety department regulations, safety officer management overhaul, redesign of administrative and operational safety literature and permits, digital communications campaigns, and more.

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