Michelin Pilot Sport4 tyres now in Mideast

01 June 2016

Gulf customers together with buyers in other Middle Eastern and African markets can shop for Michelin’s Pilot Sport4 tyres which were recently launched in the region.

The new product, developed in partnership with some of the world’s most demanding car manufacturers, is the latest in the company’s line of high-performance, safe and versatile tyres, and will be available through its authorised distribution partners.

“The Middle East and Africa play an important part in Michelin Group’s global growth story. We are delighted to introduce Michelin Pilot Sport4 to our customers within a short span of four months from its global unveiling. Built to satisfy the high expectations of premium and sports cars drivers seeking pleasure and thrills, the new Michelin Pilot Sport4 is a game-changer when it comes to high-performance tyres,” said Pierre Granzotto, general manager for passenger cars and vice president for Michelin AIM (Africa, India & the Middle East). 

“The technological innovations in the ultra-responsive tread of the new tyre come from Michelin’s longstanding experience in motor racing, especially Formula E. It constantly adapts to the road, thanks to mastery of dynamic interactions between the tyre architecture, tread pattern and materials, which results in optimal management of the contact patch.”

The new “Dynamic Response” technology consists of a belt with hybrid aramid and nylon reinforcement that ensures optimal directional control. With high-density, extreme tension-resistant and particularly lightweight fibre (five times more resistant than steel), centrifugal force at high speeds is perfectly controlled and the tyre contact patch remains constant, even at high speed, the company says.

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