Chemours highlights its Ti-Pure brand

01 April 2016

Chemours International Operations SARL, the world’s largest producer of titanium dioxide, threw the spotlight on its Ti-Pure brand of TiO2, a key component of some of the brightest and most efficient applications that include paints, plastics, laminates, and durable automotive and aerospace coatings. It took part in the Middle East Coatings Show held recently in Dubai.

Within architectural coatings applications, Ti-Pure system solutions expand the limits of hiding power with fast and easy paint coverage. In industrial coatings, Ti-Pure products produce coatings with improved dispersion, minimum energy consumption, and excellent durability.

Aside from showcasing Ti-Pure products, Chemours also showcased Ti-Pure OneCoat, enabled by TS6300 and Teflon co-branding opportunities. Ti-Pure OneCoat is a collaborative approach that combines unique technology, market insight, latest Ti-Pure development TS6300, and formulation expertise to expand the limits of paint hiding power beyond what was previously possible, the company said. 

Teflon-the original fluoroproduct brand that has evolved from traditional ‘long-chain’ C8 chemistry towards more sustainable, ‘short-term’ C6 chemistry–is used in combination with Ti-Pure to develop stain repellent coatings.

Heike van de Kerkhof, Chemours regional managing director for titanium technologies, said: “The global titanium dioxide market is poised to touch $31.19 billion by 2022, led by growing consumption of whitening pigment in the paints and coatings industry… Our innovative Ti-Pure formulations are based on chemistry that was pioneered in 1931 and continues to improve even today to expand the power of coatings.”

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