Aurora is eco-friendly, economical

01 April 2016

Jotun has introduced to the Gulf market its Aurora collection, which provides sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions in powder coating technology.

The company, a leading paints and coatings supplier to world markets, said the collection was inspired by the enchanting Northern Lights and builds on the brand’s promise for innovative, eco-friendly products, said a statement from the company.

Useable on both aluminium and steel, the coatings provide an impeccable metallic effect and noticeable consistency in application, hiding any substrate imperfections, whilst also minimising a negative effect on the environment, it added.

Consuming 40 times less water, 10 times less electricity and 20 times less gas, the production process saves time and natural resources whilst keeping a high-performance and consistent finish, it said.

The Aurora Collection is available in 11 stylish colours and sets a new benchmark for high-quality and durable products, said the statement.

Olaf Conreur, global marketing director at Jotun Powder Coatings, said: “We have been providing consultants and engineers with high quality, cost effective, sustainable and protective powder coating solutions for many years. Our products are known for withstanding extreme levels of UV light, various levels of humidity, corrosion and other environmental pollutants to preserve their strength and appearance.”

Added Conreur: “Sustainability is so important when developing our products, especially in a region which is susceptible to such harsh climates. Our products are designed to meet the latest industry standards and always developed with the environment in mind.

“The collection is the result of a long journey of research and development and it is important we provide our customers with the latest technology and trends in powder coatings.”  


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