The Application Centre for zero liquid discharge

The Application Centre for zero liquid discharge

H2O’s Vacudest systems attract praise

01 March 2016

German company H2O GmbH, a leading producer of vacuum distillation systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater, has received endorsement from manufacturer Thermofin for its Vacudest vacuum distillation systems.

Bernd Löffler, Thermofin’s general manager, has said Vacudest allowed his firm to reduce the amount of wastewater produced to the extent that the investment paid for itself in just a year. “On top of that we are able to save more than 100,000 euros each year thereafter,” Löffler added.

Vacuum distillation systems help deliver savings by eliminating wastewater and disposal costs, H2O said. “Depending on the level of contamination, 100 per cent wastewater is evaporated to produce 98 per cent pure water, leaving only two per cent residue. The quality of the clean water is so high that it can be reused in the process. By recycling the wastewater in this way, it is possible to reduce disposal costs by up to 98 per cent,” it continued.

The treated water that’s recycled creates a zero liquid discharge production, the company highlighted.

“What sets Vacudest vacuum distillation systems apart is the patented technologies from the application centre for wastewater-free technology that guarantee consistent distillate quality. The distillate is virtually free from oils, making it optimally suited for reuse – even in demanding processes,” it said.

“Any company generating more than 180 cu m of wastewater each year can save money. Oily cooling lubricant emulsions, die-casting release emulsions and rinse water used in cleaning parts and in surface treatment processes can be treated, to name just a few examples.”

H2O produces vacuum distillation systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater for the metal processing, automotive, aviation, machine building and several other industries.

Due to modular technology, all systems are tailor-made based on individual customer requirements.

The company has its headquarters in Steinen in the southern part of the Black Forest, Germany.

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