UFC launches new products

01 March 2016

The UAE’s United Foods Company (UFC) has introduced new products under its flagship Aseel brand.

The company launched its Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee to offer its consumers healthier food options, and also extended into the Arabic traditional food market with Aseel Tahina, said a statement from the company.

The launch took place at the Gulfood show in Dubai.

UFC’s latest products are targeted at the business-to-business and business-to-consumers trade, the company said.

UFC’s flagship brand Aseel is a leading ghee brand in the Middle East.

Following the launch of Aseel Extra Virgin Olive Oil last year, the company has introduced the Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee in line with its continuous efforts to bring out healthy and tasty products that effectively addresses the growing health concerns of the region, it said.

The product has been developed to resonate with consumer sentiments of health and wellness. A new-generation product with premium buttery flavour and significant health benefits, it is available in two variants which are ‘Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee with the goodness of Sunflower Oil’ and ‘Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee with Canola Oil,’ said the statement.

Fethi Khiari, CEO, said: “We are proud to mention that our company is the leading ghee brand in the UAE and other markets in the region. Aseel Ghee owns more than 70 per cent volume market share in UAE and has a strong leadership in other countries.”

While UFC shined the spotlight on its flagship brand Aseel which has a strong leadership in the ghee segment, it also highlighted other categories including oils, butter and margarine with leading brands, Mumtaz, Nawar and Safi.

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