The company’s innovations will help manufacturers make better medical devices

The company’s innovations will help manufacturers make better medical devices

New medical-grade products unveiled

Among Dow Corning’s latest products are advanced LSRs and the C6-7XX Liquid Silicone Rubber series

01 March 2016

Dow Corning, aiming to serve the rapidly growing medical devices industry, has announced the launch of three new advanced bio-medical-grade Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)   materials.

Available in Shore A harnesses of 40, 50 and 70, these high-performance products comprise the new Silastic Q7-78XX series of elastomers. In addition to these new offerings, the company is also launching the new Dow Corning C6-7XX Liquid Silicone Rubber series of materials for short-term or non-implant applications with three initial products. These additions further expand the company’s already robust portfolio of silicone elastomers, offering customers fresh new possibilities for designing innovative, next-generation medical device applications.

Dow Corning spotlighted the new materials at the Medical Devices & Manufacturing (MD & M) show at Anaheim, California, USA, at month.

“Dow Corning is renowned for providing safe, high-performance silicone elastomers to the healthcare industry,” said Gary Lord, global strategic marketing director for healthcare at Dow Corning. “We continue to expand and enhance our broad portfolio of medical grade technologies so customers can enjoy greater choices from a single supplier. These proven, compliant materials are supported by our deep expertise in materials technology and are helping to shape the future of medical device innovation.”

The new silicone elastomer solutions share a uniform chemistry optimised at the molecular level. This uniformity helps to ensure highly reproducible processing and performance across medical device designs. Dow Corning manufactures these new silicones, and its full elastomers portfolio, under strict change and process control systems to help ensure high quality and consistency.

At MD&M, Dow Corning featured two exhibits. One, the “Inside Si” interactive kiosk, was designed to educate attendees about medical device applications in which silicone is used today. The second exhibit was a hands-on elastomers display that presented the company’s liquid silicone rubber material. Dow Corning also highlighted at its booth its expanding range of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that target a wide variety of applications, such as medical device attachments and wearable technology.

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