Some of Fastring’s products

Some of Fastring’s products

Fastring seeks supply opportunities

January, 2016

Fastring, which has been manufacturing industrial seals and waterproofing products over the past 25 years, is looking for distributors and partnerships to intensify its presence in the UAE and the rest of the Gulf. 

Currently, sales in the Gulf have been minimal, but Fastring sees the region as potentially a high-yielding market.

“Fastring wants to add value to Gulf industrial companies. We are in contact with a Dubai distributor and have capacity to touch several Gulf states without problem,” a company spokesman said. “We’d like to forge links or partnerships with companies already established in Gulf states.”

The company’s headquarters and production facilities are based in Burgundy, France
It highlights it has more than 320,000 references of seals  in stock, “sufficient to respond to every request concerning the sealing world.”

It also stresses it is equipped with extensive facilities including manufacturing processes with moulding, cutting, processing, vulcanisation and injection systems and utilises an array of raw materials known to be very resistant to high temperatures, extreme pressure and chemical attacks, which makes it capable of fulfilling all waterproofing needs of  clients.

“Fastring adequately combines the development, designing, producing and manufacturing of gaskets and waterproofing products from a single piece to mass production,” it adds.

The company counts as its business partners such renowned brands as Total, Areva, JCB, SPIE, Solvay, Vallourec, CEA and Alstom.

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