Application of Polytherm AC which saves energy

Application of Polytherm AC which saves energy

Henkel deepening regional footprint

The company’s growth initiatives helped on by the highly recognisable Henkel brand have seen it making gains and placing it in a strong position for the coming year

January, 2016

Henkel Polybit Industries (HPIL) has once again attained strong double-digit growth, achieving record figures both on the top line and profitability in spite of a challenging market environment in 2015.

The growth was mainly driven by key strategic initiatives in focused segments and innovation across various product portfolios with support from favourable raw material prices, the company said.

Extending its reach in Saudi Arabian markets – a key strategic initiative for the year – was accomplished successfully and along with that came substantial learning in strategy deployment and operational excellence, said Naveen Antony, general manager - sales and marketing, HPIL.

There were also gains in sustainability, he said.

“This year will continue to be a challenging year with market volatility due to a difficult global economic environment impacted by oil prices and geopolitical concerns in the region,” noted Antony.

“However,” he added, “Henkel Polybit is confident  its agility and its flexibility in adapting and its ability to further simplify and accelerate its strategies and initiatives in line with changing market conditions will see it through this period of volatility and bring above-average growth in sales and earnings.”

The company is looking to continuing growth in Saudi Arabia and consolidating its position in the other GCC markets. Its ambitious retail distribution launch, catering to the repair, renovation and maintenance segment with a fit-for-purpose product range, is set to gain market share.

Henkel Polybit’s core categories are waterproofing, sealant technologies, structural repair and industrial flooring, each holding an internationally acclaimed range of specialised products and system solutions to meet the needs of a highly demanding construction industry and professional craftsmen.

The company is a well-known brand for self-adhesive waterproofing membranes and coatings, a wide range of sealants, tiling adhesives, concrete protective coatings, injection chemicals and joint grouts. It is one of the largest manufacturers of polymer-modified bitumen-based membranes and coatings in the region, exporting to more than 35 countries across the globe.

“The hallmark of Henkel Polybit is providing a consistently high standard of quality of products and services, meeting all international standards such as ASTM, BS and DIN and enhancing customer satisfaction by offering the best value proposition,” a company statement says.

Henkel Polybit’s products are shipped to 25 countries

Henkel Polybit’s products are shipped to 25 countries

“The company’s long-term experience in the GCC region, extensive technical know-how, innovative technologies and products help customers become more successful and efficient, while practicing sustainability at the same time.”



Reviewing 2015, Antony observed: “One of the highlights of 2015 for HPIL has been the launch of the Watertite system, a cutting-edge technology solution for waterproofing. The system is a culmination of the vast experience that Polybit has collected over the years concerning the production and development of bituminous waterproofing membranes and other waterproofing products. The Watertite system provides easier and faster application compared to that of the standard self-adhesive membranes, saving up to 30 per cent of time spent on application. In addition to this, the system also allows for higher waterproofing protection and impact resistance.

“Another exciting product launched last year was the highly durable and sustainable cool roof technology called Polytherm AC. This coating technology helps create energy-saving roofs that reflect the sun’s heat and prevent it from being absorbed into the building, reducing air-conditioning or cooling costs by as much as 20 per cent. Polytherm AC also has the ability to extend the life span of the roof due to its resistance to a wide range of temperature fluctuations.”



As a leading solution provider, the company is diversifying its product portfolio to include new systems for structural waterproofing under the Watertite range and high performance flooring products manufactured under German technology, said Antony.

Special-purpose protection coatings and pipe wrapping tapes are also being introduced in specialised segments such as the oil and gas industry. The company is partnering with world-renowned resin suppliers to develop and introduce heat reflective coatings, chemical resistant coatings and the highly reputed Thomsit range of dispersions.

Some of Henkel Polybit products

Some of Henkel Polybit products

Henkel Polybit is also working on a major expansion plan in the UAE to enlarge its enterprise potential in the Dry Mix range of products and also adding additional capacities in bitumen membranes production to meet demand in the GCC region as well as international markets.

“HPIL’s core market is the GCC with a special focus on the UAE and Saudi Arabia due to the region’s large manufacturing base and our direct sales presence there. In recent years, HPIL has also increased its scope to include Qatar and Kuwait into its focus market,” said Antony.

Going forward, HPIL is keen to continue strengthening business in its core market while also expanding its distribution network and penetration into emerging markets,  particularly in East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.

Currently nearly 70 per cent of Henkel Polybit’s business is conducted in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The remaining 30 per cent is divided between 35 countries. However, the larger players remain other GCC countries, more specifically Oman and Qatar, as well as the US.



The company operates two large state-of-the-art production centres across the GCC specialised in manufacturing a complete range of structural waterproofing products, industrial and internal floorings, special purpose sealants and dry mix products such as tiling, grouts and cementitious self-levelling compounds.

For manufacturing, HPIL sources nearly 90 per cent of the raw materials from seven countries, namely the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Belgium, Germany, South Korea and Italy. The remaining 10 per cent is sourced from over 20 countries worldwide.

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