Unique eco power station unveiled

December 2015

Taiwan has unveiled the Eco-Power Station (EPS), a revolutionary, totally off-the-grid system that is entirely self-powered by solar energy.

It features a 5 kW thin-film photovoltaic module as well as a 5 kW lithium-ion battery. The EPS was designed by the Green Trade Project Office, which is Taiwan’s leader in promoting and integrating green products and services. Altogether, the Eco-Power Station has brought together 10 innovative Taiwanese green-technology producers in order to demonstrate the viability of a green solution to the crisis of climate change.

Basically, the EPS has been created out of a 40 by 8 foot shipping container that will actually serve as an electric-bicycle station. In addition, the entire rooftop area of the station is covered with GEAC’s thin-film solar panels. These panels feed the station’s smart grid with electricity, with any excess electricity then stored in the station’s batteries.

A compact chamber in the lithium-ion battery from TD HiTech and Ecolohas Energy Tech enables the station to store energy for times when the demand exceeds the current energy production. With the help of Billion Electric’s smart-energy-management system, cloud monitoring technologies have been implemented to help ease administrators on the challenges of the central control of scattered equipment. This helps to create fast and more efficient workflows between devices, which boosts productivity and save energy. In addition, while the renewable energy systems that power the station are reliable and continuously monitored, the station has also installed M-Field’s hydrogen fuel cell to provide reliable backup power, in case of blackouts.

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