Zeiss O-Select is an important tool in the quality assurance process

Zeiss O-Select is an important tool in the quality assurance process

Zeiss O-Select set for accuracy

The measuring system is equipped with special inbuilt features to avoid mistakes and is good for a wide range of industries - from automotive to electronics to plastics

November 2015

Athough modern digital measuring instruments are extremely reliable tools, operating errors may lead to gaps in the quality assurance process. The new Zeiss O-Select optical measuring system closes these gaps in the quality assurance process. Thanks to its high level of automation and ease of use, 2D measurements can be completed quickly and reproducibly. Zeiss O-Select was officially introduced in North America at The Quality Show in Chicago late last month.

“Quickly and reliably obtaining ISO-compliant, traceable and reproducible measured values was a key aspect for us in product development,” says Andrzej Grzesiak, head of metrology systems at Zeiss. The result is an optical measuring system that is automated during the generation of measuring programmes and the measurement itself. Measurements are initiated at the push of a button: the operator places the workpiece in the measuring field and launches the programme. Within seconds, the camera captures the contours, analyses all characteristics and documents them in Zeiss PiWeb quality data management software.

This measuring system is Zeiss’ solution for a wide range of industries – from automotive to electronics to plastics. Zeiss O-Select is particularly suitable for checking the dimensional accuracy of distances, radii or angles. Examples include punched and formed parts, injection-moulded and laser-cut workpieces.




“Factors such as depth of focus and illumination play a key role in optical measurements,” notes a company statement. “Operators can cause systematic measurement errors without noticing them simply by selecting the wrong settings. The consequences of an inaccurate configuration can result in deviations of several micrometers, in depth of focus for example.

“Zeiss O-Select automatically eliminates blurriness at the edges even if the operator cannot see it. The Zeiss measuring system automatically selects the right distance of the camera to the object, focuses the workpiece edges and maximises contrast.”

Furthermore, the measuring machine calculates the illumination intensity that can vary from workpiece to workpiece. “Implementing and automating the complex interaction between optics and illumination make a measurement traceable, reproducible and therefore reliable,” says Grzesiak. Users also no longer have to waste time searching directories for the right programme. Zeiss O-Select compares existing programmes with the current workpiece and then reliably opens the right programme. The measuring system automatically detects the location of the part, manual alignment is no longer required.




Zeiss O-Select sets itself apart from other systems not only through its ability to independently recognise features, but also through its intelligent suggestions for characteristics such as distances and radii. With just a few clicks, users select the required features, which are then integrated into a measuring programme. The programmes are created in a self-explanatory process. Zeiss calls this new functionality Click & Pick. Furthermore, an intuitive user interface helps operators navigate the software. It shows clearly which point they have reached and guides them through the entire run: from creating a new project to the measurement plan and specifying the measuring run, users are guided throughout the entire process up to the well-structured and informative report.

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