Covestro launches regional office in Dubai

01 October 2015

An office that Covestro has opened in Dubai will greatly facilitate the import and distribution of its products across the Middle East and Africa.

The company, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, is a leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials. The office is located in DuBiotech, a major life sciences cluster in the Middle East.

The new office together with the Covestro development lab will offer local customised support to the industry across the Middle East and Africa.

Harald Liedtke, Covestro’s senior representative, said: “Covestro represents a bold new direction and bright future for an innovation-driven polymers company.

“The new name is part of a brand and identity that is the result of listening to our customers, employees and others close to our business, and which reflects our innovation, talent and big thinking. We are absolutely convinced that our colourful identity and positive vision will help inspire and motivate us on our new path to the future,” he said.

“Our company develops innovative and sustainable solutions as answers to global challenges, and one example is combating climate change and carbon dioxide emissions which result in rising demand for high-tech raw materials for eco-friendly construction. With this new office, Covestro underscores its commitment to the region,” he added.

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, executive director of DuBiotech, said: “We are delighted to welcome Covestro as a new member of our community at DuBiotech. The organisation brings innovative and sustainable solutions to the region and that is exactly in line with our vision and mission.

“We are extremely proud of the collaborative community that we have created. Promoting partnerships and encouraging greater knowledge sharing is at the heart of everything we stand for. This all helps make DuBiotech one of the most vibrant and innovative hubs for the sciences industry.”

At the same time, Covestro’s corporate identity, which includes a new and colourful brand, has become effective. Bayer intends to float Covestro on the stock market by mid-2016 at the latest.

The plan for Bayer MaterialScience to become a separate company was announced in September 2014, it added.

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