HDS and Tema sign contract over RoboFS

September 2015

Home Delivery Service (HDS) has announced that Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc (Tema) has entered into a contract with HDS that will allow Tema to further evaluate RoboFS and secure exclusive global rights to RoboFS in the automobile industry.

Developed by HDS, RoboFS is a software-defined fulfillment system, which combines intelligent vision, and mobile and articulated robots into an integrated turnkey and end-to-end solution to dramatically advance supply chain capabilities and significantly reduce labour and total fulfillment costs.

“Industrial automation is undergoing a major transition from mechanical to software-defined, and for good reason. According to our fulfillment scenarios, companies who integrate RoboFS should expect to see a reduction in costs of as much as 50 per cent,” said Louis H. Borders, founder and CEO of HDS. “This partnership with Tema, a world leader in innovation and supplier development, will be one of the first examples of how our automation can reduce inventory turn-around times while increasing cost efficiencies for large-scale companies.”

HDS has developed the RoboFS Purchase Programme on an industry exclusive basis for Fortune 200 manufacturers and distributors with large-scale, mixed-SKU fulfillment operations that will benefit strategically from HDS’s success and can provide expertise, validation and buying power to further enhance HDS and its RoboFS platform.

HDS also offers partner programmes for operator licensees, retailers and key suppliers.

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