A production facility of Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries Company

A production facility of Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries Company

Kuwait conference will discuss FDIs

01 September 2015

The 15th Gulf industrialists’ Conference that will target large-scale foreign direct investment (FDI) into GCC states is scheduled to be held over two days from November 25 in Kuwait.

“It will identify clear policies to stimulate development plans in the region based on a comprehensive set of elements drawing foreign investors,” said the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consulting (GOIC), one of its organisers, in a statement.

“It also seeks to create an ambitious strategy to develop and promote the industrial sector in order to attract more foreign investments. Furthermore, it aims at enacting legislations and laws and offering facilitations and incentives to foreign investors in order to create a promising investment environment.”

Achieving greater inflows of FDIs will enhance competitiveness of industries in the region, the GOIC statement said.

Held under the patronage of the Emir of Kuwait, the event will develop recommendations to remove obstacles hindering investment inflows and to direct such investments in accordance with GCC strategic plans, the GOIC said.

Other organisers of the conference are Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the state’s Public Authority for Industry. It will be held in collaboration with the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Industrial Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Industries Union.

The 14th version focused on the challenges and opportunities of industrial exports.

The latest to join the sponsors list is Kuwait’s Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries Company, one of the region’s prominent cable manufacturers.

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