The building in Lausanne where the first Kromatix panels were installed

The building in Lausanne where the first Kromatix panels were installed

Swiss building gets Kromatix panels

Emirates Insolaire’s appeal is growing by leaps and bounds and the UAE firm can expect to see a surge in demand over the remainder of this year and in the future

01 August 2015

Emirates Insolaire LLC has created history with the successful installation of the world’s first Kromatix coloured solar panels on a building façade in Lausanne, Switzerland, amidst rising interest over the product in the Middle East and the West.

The UAE company, a joint venture of Dubai Investments and SwissINSO Holding Inc, is a pioneer in the development and application of unique solar technologies.

The entire installation, worth Dh850,000 ($231,418), is capable of generating sufficient electric power annually for two families of four people each. The building boasts a unique blue façade, thanks to the Emirates Insolaire glass panels.

Two other projects in Basel, Switzerland, and Austria have also been completed. Emirates Insolaire continues to receive enquiries for its coloured solar panels from the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, as well as from Europe, Asia, the US, and Brazil, among others.

Going by the projects on hand, demand and enquiries across the globe, Emirates Insolaire expects sales of over 50,000 sq m for coloured solar panels in 2015 alone. Each coloured solar panel can generate above 150 watts electric power per sq m on roof, or above 110 watts per sq m
on façades.

EnerSolar+Brazil where Emirates Insolaire showcased its products

EnerSolar+Brazil where Emirates Insolaire showcased its products

Globally, the photovoltaic market has grown 40 per cent year-on-year and the number of installations foreseen for 2015 is 160 GW – approximately 800 million sq m of glass. The share of Building Integrated Photovoltaic for rooftops and facades, one of the specialisations of Emirates Insolaire, is witnessing one of the fastest growth rates.

Rafic Hanbali, managing partner of Emirates Insolaire, said: “The completion of Emirates Insolaire’s first project in Lausanne is a major milestone for the company. With the Kromatix technology, the company has ushered in a paradigm shift in solar applications because of its aesthetic appeal to any building façade and efficiency due to its power generating attributes. The company sees significant growth opportunities going forward not only in the Europe but across the globe.”

The trademarked Kromatix solar panels can supply between 20 and 60 per cent of the needed energy for a building. For certain industries with large roof and façades, this can go up to 100 per cent. The company plans to harness this potential globally. Coming in virtually any colour, the Emirates Insolaire solar panels are optimised for both photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors.

One of the important advantages of the Emirates Insolaire technology is that the coloured Kromatix solar panels, photovoltaic or thermal, offer high efficiency.

Emirates Insolaire’s coloured and sustainable solar panels can be adapted to any façade and roof of a house or building, commercial, residential, or skyscraper, and offer cost-effective and sustainable customisation. The highly-sustainable coloured solar panels not only cut down on greenhouse gas emissions but also considerably reduce utility bills.

Meanwhile Emirates Insolaire generated considerable interest during EnerSolar+Brazil 2015, an exhibition that took place in the city of Sao Paulo last month. The company, showcased its latest innovations in coloured solar panels. Over 250 exhibitors from across the globe attended the event.

Emirates Insolaire, part of Glass LLC, glass pioneers in the Middle East, manufactures its coloured solar glass panels at the Emirates Glass manufacturing facility in Dubai.

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