Ashghal, QPMC sign framework deal

August 2015

Ashghal and Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) have signed a strategic framework agreement for the import of raw materials. This agreement contributes to Ashgal’s ongoing efforts to ensure the availability of construction materials for planned infrastructure development projects for the future.

Under this agreement, QPMC will provide Ashghal with 41 million tonnes of limestone and 51 million tonnes of gabbro aggregates in order to continue and complete its building and constructions programmes and projects in Qatar. The agreement extends across a five-year period.

QPMC has guaranteed that prices of raw materials will be fixed in the local market and adequate quantities will be available for the first few years. QPMC hopes to achieve stability in domestic prices for the benefit of employees and beneficiaries of Qatar’s construction sector.

The chairman of QPMC, Abdulaziz Al Ansari, said: “The agreement confirms that QPMC has become the trusted arm in Qatar and the region. It can be relied on to provide primary materials of gabbro and limestone, fine sand and washed sand, and within the required quantities for the implementation of major projects in Qatar.

He continued: “The purpose of signing this agreement with Ashghal is to provide it with construction materials needed for its upcoming projects for the next five years. Ashghal is considered a strategic partner for QPMC, and this cooperation will surely enhance projects in the pipeline.”

QPMC has also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Belgian engineering consultant, Rent-A-Port, to set up mining operations in the Khatmat Malaha area of Oman.

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