Metrology forum set for December in Doha

01 August 2015

The Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consulting (Goic) and Gulfmet are organising the first Gulf Metrology Forum scheduled for December 2015 in Doha.

The forum, which will take place on the 14th and 15th of the month, has the patronage of Qatar’s Minister of Environment, Ahmad bin Amer Al Hemaidi.

A preliminary meeting was held in preparation for the forum where Goic experts said the event’s aim was to highlight the role of metrology in guaranteeing GCC industrial development.

“Furthermore, by carrying out industrial surveys, GOIC has realised the necessity of bridging the industrial metrology gap through spreading industrial awareness in this regard,” a spokesman said after the meeting.

“It also aims at offering an assessment of the requirements of Gulf industries and institutions in the area of metrology, and examining means of increasing national capacities in the field of industrial standards. In addition to that, ideas are to be exchanged on how to attract new metrology activities and international best practices to reinforce metrology infrastructure as part of quality development in member states.”

The forum will also discuss ways to reinforce cooperation with international laboratories.

Goic said the decision to organise the forum came after scrutiny of international studies that projected an increase in demand for metrology services in the near future in various sectors, particularly automotive, electronics and energy.

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