The Drydocks World Dubai shipyard

The Drydocks World Dubai shipyard

Shipyard completes largest turret

01 August 2015

Drydocks World has announced it has successfully completed the world’s largest turret mooring system.

At almost 100 m high, weighing over 11,000 tonnes and with a diameter of 26 m, the turret will ensure the Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility can operate safely in the most extreme weather conditions. The FLNG storage and production facility will be stationed by Shell at its Prelude gas field off the northwest coast of Australia, unlocking new essential energy resources offshore to meet growing demand.

Drydocks World constructed the world’s largest turret for SBM Offshore, Technip and Shell. “The excellent teamwork and dedicated personnel involved ensured the highest possible standards in safety, quality and operational excellence,” Drydock World said in a release.

“With over 5 million LTI-free manhours completed on the turret project, this is a testament to the impeccable safety record the organisation maintains. This project confirms Drydocks World’s position as a leader in turret fabrication, strengthening the company’s position as one of the few worldwide specialists capable of delivering such large-scale projects,” it said.

“Drydocks World has delivered five modules for the Shell FLNG turret mooring system and delivery of module 5 represents the completion of the crown jewel of this project, with the turret being the heart of the Prelude FLNG. Dubai is well known for its record-breaking construction projects, and completion of the world’s largest turret is Drydocks World’s contribution towards the continuation of recording-breaking projects in Dubai.”

Project designs were completed in Monaco, construction took place in Dubai and the modules were shipped to South Korea for use off Australia.

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