A Sabic manufacturing facility in Jubail

A Sabic manufacturing facility in Jubail

Sabic eyes additive manufacturing

01 June 2015

SABIC has said it is seeking to utilise additive manufacturing in its quest to introduce new materials and processes for improved performance. 

“The insights and technology developments coming from Sabic will deepen the understanding of the critical link between materials, design, processing and part performance needed to expand the technology from functional prototyping to real-world part production,” said Ernesto Occhiello, executive vice president, technology and innovation at Sabic, in an Arab News report.

“Continuing to invest in capabilities and equipment to support the development of high-performance materials for existing additive manufacturing processes as well as new, emerging technologies is a key enabler of Sabic’s strategy to help our customers address their constant challenge of lowering the cost to innovate and bringing their designs to market more quickly,” he added.

Meanwhile, a sustainability report issued by Sabic highlights its performance in integrating the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability into the company’s core business approach.

Yousef Al-Benyan, acting vice-chairman and chief executive officer, said: “We are continually looking for new ways to integrate it into our business, allowing us to improve, grow, innovate and transform to hieve our goals.”

On what steps Sabic is taking to drive sustainable innovation, Al-Benyan said: “We have invested in relationships with multiple globally acclaimed universities and are expanding our internal innovation resources – both by building and expanding technology centres and by attracting and growing talented scientists.

“In addition, we have embedded sustainability assessments into our research and development process to grow our portfolio of more sustainable products.”

Atieh Abu Raqabah, general manager, Sabic corporate sustainability, said: “Sustainability is an endless journey for Sabic that brings improvement to the business and value to its stakeholders, as reflected in the 2014 report.

“Innovation, creating sustainability solutions, and engaging its stakeholders more completely in its sustainability journey remain high priorities for Sabic.”

In recent weeks, Sabic was in the news for a deal to use US-imported shale gas at its Teesside petrochemical complex in Britain.

Al-Benyan told Reuters: “It is going to meet our full demand for the next 10 years and is renewable beyond 10 years.”

Sabic had previously said it was looking at investment opportunities abroad, citing scarce local supplies. Last year, the company said it planned to upgrade its Teesside cracker to capitalise on US shale opportunities.

Al-Benyan also said Sabic was still considering a plan to build a crude-to-chemicals, without first having to refine the oil.

On the innovation side, Sabic announced it is expanding its Lexan XHR sheet portfolio for aircraft interiors with the introduction of lightweight Lexan XHR light sheet including two grades XHRL300 and XHRL200. The two new offerings open further opportunities for design flexibility and weigh savings, the company said.

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