Kuka LBR iiwa does delicate, complex tasks

May 2015

KUKA Robotics has debuted at Automate 2015 Chicago its lightweight robot LBR iiwa – intelligent industrial work assistant. An intelligent helper for industrial tasks, it opens up new fields of application in service and medical robotics. The company described it as a sensitive, compliant, precise and flexible assistant equipped with mechanical systems and drive technology for industrial operation. It makes it possible to automate delicate and complex automation tasks in which the use of robots was previously inconceivable.

The company presented an interactive demo of the LBR iiwa collaborative robot making full use of its features.  The display included both the industrial and medical versions. With its sensitivity, the LBR iiwa has also opened up a new chapter in human-robot collaboration, ie direct cooperation between the human operator and the robot. It acts as the “third hand” of the operator and can work directly with humans, without the need for safety fencing. The LBR iiwa can relieve the human operator of arduous, non-ergonomic tasks and awkward jobs in uncomfortable positions allowing, the worker to take over other responsibilities. The lightweight robot can be used in confined interiors and locations and when placed on a mobile platform, the LBR iiwa can bring support wherever needed.

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