An illustration of the HWAT system

An illustration of the HWAT system

Pentair sees good prospects

01 April 2015

The company is a prominent player in the region and has managed to tap into fast growing demand for thermal building solutions in several geographic markets

Pentair Thermal Solutions has said it sees opportunities in the Gulf for its hot water temperature (HWAT) maintenance system and its new control and monitoring solutions for electrical heating systems.

The HWAT technology is ideal for large residential or commercial building where it provides reliable temperature and energy management,

The company offers owners the smart performance alternative to a recirculation system. It can be used to maintain the temperature of grease line pipes, keeping the fat, oil and grease mixture in suspension from the kitchen to the grease interceptor.

Pentair Thermal Building Solutions is a market leader offering products, services and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection.

“Further applications, where we see opportunities for development, are leak detection solutions,” says Krzysztof Czyzewski, sales director, Eastern Europe, India, Middle East and Africa. “Pentair’s TraceTek is one of the most reliable, accurate and flexible fluid leak detection systems on the market. It protects any building by sensing and alerting the operator if a leak occurs and can be adapted to various structures and facilities.”

About the company’s plans for 2015 he said: “This year, we will mainly focus on expanding our offer of comfort and safety applications. We will also launch new control and monitoring solutions for electrical heating systems, as more and more buildings are built with energy-efficient products. These solutions will also be supported by additional building information modelling (BIM) tools to facilitate the ease of use for architects and builders.”

Recently, at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition in Dubai, the company introduced its new extended 30-year warranty programme for its fire-rated wiring cables and a 10-year warranty for its leak detection solutions.

A Pentair self-regulating cable

A Pentair self-regulating cable

This year the company will focus on further expanding its sales resources in the region which will enable it “to get closer to our customers and develop long-lasting trusting relations.” “At the same time,” Czyzewski said, “there is opportunity in the Middle East for our organisation to offer integrated solutions for construction and infrastructure markets. That way, we will be able to offer our partners and distributors a complete range of services, industry specification support and construction management.

“2015 is a very promising year for Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions in the Middle East and we are excited about the opportunities in the region. Firstly, we aim to expand and strengthen our geographical presence across the Middle East, mainly focusing on Saudi Arabia and Oman. We are also planning to work more closely with architecture and consulting engineering firms to support our distributors. This will help us to gain deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and will support our ongoing product development,” he added.

Pentair offers unique integrated solutions for construction and infrastructure in comfort, life safety and performance applications.

“Our product portfolio comprises numerous innovative and flexible solutions for industrial, commercial and residential facilities. In the Middle East, we particularly focus on key products, such as our Pyrotenax fire-rated wiring cables. These innovative cables can be installed in areas with high power output or high exposure temperatures (fire alarm circuits), or whenever extreme resistance to environmental corrosives is needed,” Czyzewski said.

Commenting on business in the past year, the official said: “Despite going through a period of transition, we experienced some good growth in the area and managed to strengthen our work with local distributors while capitalising on new opportunities offered by this region.”

Pentair’s products have been present in the Middle East market for over 15 years. The company has a network of distributors and wholesalers across the GCC region. With demand for thermal building solutions on the rise in the Middle East, the company has been serving several markets there including infrastructure, leisure, commercial and large-scale residential.

The company’s top three markets are the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

According to Czyzewski, Saudi Arabia and Oman are markets that offer great opportunities for future growth. “Their expanding tourism sectors have resulted in increased investment in infrastructure and large construction projects, opening up numerous opportunities for our solutions,” he concluded.

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