Premier Coil Solutions makes high-tech coiled tubing units and other products at its Houston plant

Premier Coil Solutions makes high-tech coiled tubing units and other products at its Houston plant

US firm set to ship coiled tubing units

01 April 2015

Premier Coiled Solutions’ advanced offerings have found a place in two markets of the Middle East’s oil and gas industry but now it has its sights firmly on the Gulf

A US-based manufacturer of coiled tubing equipment for land and offshore applications in the oil industry has announced it expects to make its first shipments to the Gulf in the second half of this year.

Premier Coil Solutions, headquartered in Houston, Texas, also said it expects to open its regional office in Dubai in 2016.

Evan Rossi, a business development official, said a product it makes – coiled tubing unit – is already in service in Turkey and Iraq and was exported there shortly after at the company opened its new Houston plant in 2014.

“We see great opportunities for our coiled tubing unit in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman and we believe we will have the first units sent to the Gulf area around August, possibly even to Kuwait,” said Rossi.

He said his company had conducted discussions with Gulf operators and the fact that Premier Coil Solutions equipment was already in use in Turkey and Iraq was encouraging to the importers.

The planned Dubai office will make the company more accessible in the region and provide knowledge and support to customers. “Our Dubai office will serve as a point for stockng equipment for sales support, providing technical supervision and maintaining a spareparts inventory,” said Rossi. Premier Coil Solutions was founded in 2011 and had its factory for making coiled tubing units opened in 2014. “Between those years we spent the time developing our product through detailed engineering,” said Rossi. The company has four automatic assembly lines and a test well at its Houston site. “The manufacturing process enables us to provide better quality and higher productivity rates at less than the price of our competitors. This is how we can compete internationally. Our forte is the quality of our inhouse engineering and design. From the axle configuration to everything from the bottom up is our own design,” added Rossi.

The company’s facilities in Houston, Texas (US)

The company’s facilities in Houston, Texas (US)

The designs allow customers a variety of configurations to adapt to the demanding requirements of various oilfields and shale play highway laws and restrictions around the world. The company highlights that its units – trailer-, truck or skid-mounted – are designed to operate globally and meet the demands of the toughest and harshest environments in the world.

The engineering and design team works with customers to customise each unit’s configuration for every job site.

Premier Coil Solutions cites several advantages it says its units enjoy including superior engineering, design and technical support teams; hydraulics designed for efficient fluid management; extended operations fuel tank design; an easier and more accessible layout for maintenance operations and skid and crash cranes compliant with DNV standards.

Other advantages include reinforced reel drums for storage without flange deflections; the fastest rig-up/ rig-down times in the industry, a patented reel design and units designed for safe operating conditions.

“Coiled Tubing Equipment is generally used throughout the entire life of a well – from inception to abandonment. Different markets are using the equipment depending on the oilfield requirement. In most Gulf countries, stimulation jobs are being performed with coil. In Iraq, acidising and water injection is being performed, in the US coil is used in most frac jobs,”  said Rossi.

“We do have 13 patents on our equipment design that differentiate us from other manufacturers. We have proprietary trailer and injector patents in our design that add superiority to our equipment.”

Premier Coil Solutions has, since the opening of its plant last year, supplied 50 coil tubing units, mostly to US operators.

The company’s products include injector heads which are designed, engineered and tested to meet the highest possible oilfield performance standards and ease of maintenance. The rugged unibody construction and patented design features enable these powerful injectors to meet or surpass all competitive designs, it emphasises.

Training in progress at a Premier Coil Solutions facility

Training in progress at a Premier Coil Solutions facility

The company also makes custom-built pumping units for a complete range of coil tubing operations for onshore or offshore low pressure or high pressure requirements. The fluid pumping equipment is designed to handle different well intervention applications.

“Our goal is to design practical pumping units that fulfill the demands put on well servicing companies. Our fluid pumps can be supplied skid-, truck- or trailer-mounted. They are commonly designed in single or twin configurations with a range between 400 and 2,000 horsepower, with automatic transmissions and fluid displacement tanks,” it says.

“Our design focus on maintenance-friendly assemblies encourages regular maintenance intervals on all components. Our pumping units can meet the many varying requirements and harsh environmental demands of coiled tubing applications.”

Premier Coil Solutions also manufactures customised crane units for all oilfield applications. One of the offerings is a wide range of coiled tubing support crane packages. They are purpose built for every type of coiled tubing configuration required in the oil and gas industry and have a capacity range of 20–50 tonnes. Premier Coil Solutions has engineering support to ensure that its customers have the optimal radius lift points for the demanding jobs required in the field.

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