The fJETXL with Clean Air 300

The fJETXL with Clean Air 300

New device for higher air quality

April 2015

Engineered Printing Solutions, an East Dorset, Vermont (US)-based company, is now offering its Clean Air 300 as a viable option for higher air quality in the working environment.

This particle filtration system works in conjunction with the company’s flatbed digital inkjet printers the fJETXL and fJET-24. One of the perks of the Clean Air 300 is that it does not require any ventilation to the outside, which allows for very easy installation into any print shop. The activated carbon systems have large filters that need to be replaced no more than twice a year. The integration between the Clean Air 300 and the customer’s flatbed digital inkjet printer is simple. The Clean Air 300 connects via custom ports located above the print heads which then connects via a flexible hose. Infield machines can also
be retrofitted.

The Clean Air 300 can also be hooked up to pad printers to filter the exhaust and re-circulate the clean air into the building. The particle filtration system extracts fumes from the print process by positioning the exhaust plenum as close to the level of the ink cup, or lower than the cliché support.  It is to be noted that fumes generated by the inks are heavier than the air.

Features include: high airflow at 300 cfm, large filters for long life, a second charcoal filter tray that can replace a Hepa (high efficiency particulate arrestance) filter, a deep-bed gas filter and a filter monitor gauge. Other features are low noise level, compact design and small footprint and thermal overload protection.

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