Pompeian unveils new line of products

April 2015

Pompeian, Inc has announced Pompeian Cooking Spray bottles, the newest addition to its ever-growing family of innovative products, including oils, vinegars and cooking wines. The new line of cooking sprays offers a variety of flavour notes and smoke points, without using propellants, perfect for a variety of cooking needs.

Comprised of four total sprays, the Pompeian Cooking Sprays line is eco-friendly and non-stick with well-balanced flavor profiles, ranging from nutty to sweet. With varying smoke points, there is a Pompeian Cooking Spray to fulfill every cooking need, from salad dressing to baking or frying.

The Pompeian Cooking Spray bottles are unique because they utilise a new technology that completely eliminates the need for propellants to dispense the oil. A valve is inserted into the pouch, attached to the bottle and compressed air is added.

The oil is pressure-filled through the valve into the pouch, and the actuator and cap are fitted to the bottle. Upon pressing the nozzle, the air pressure causes the oil to be dispensed.

“At Pompeian, we strive to create high quality, innovative products for our customers,” said David Bensadoun, CEO. “We are excited to introduce three new propellant-free Pompeian Cooking Sprays to the Pompeian family as they enable convenience and variety. Customers can easily enhance a dish with flavour options like the mild nutty flavor of the Avocado Oil Spray, or pick the spray with the most appropriate smoke point based upon the demands of a recipe.”

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