The company accords high priority to innovation

The company accords high priority to innovation

New Sabic polymer products announced

01 April 2015

A new range of non-phthalate polymer products developed by Sabic at its technology centre in Riyadh will help fulfil customer demand for advanced solutions in segments including hygiene fabrics and flexible packaging, the company has said.

In light of the changing market requirements, customers the world over are seeking non-phthalate options. Sabic will globally market its new polymer range to provide customers with polypropylene products using non-phthalate catalysts, it added.

The new products include spun bond non-woven product introduced by Sabic earlier this year, and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film to be launched sometime later this year.

Mosaed Al Ohali, executive vice president of Sabic Polymers, said: “With our new polymer range, Sabic will offer a broader choice to customers in fibre and flexible packaging segments, as part of its 2025 strategy for differentiation and creating value.

“We are a trusted leader in the plastics industry and are constantly adopting strategies to cope with the industry’s emerging requirements and challenges, and position ourselves to take advantage of new market opportunities.”

Ernesto Occhiello, executive vice president of Sabic Technology and Innovation, said: “Our technology teams have adapted and responded to changing market requirements. We are relentlessly pursuing innovative technologies to bring about broad-based improvements in our products and will maintain this momentum for meeting changing market

The spun bond fibre has several applications such as baby and adult diapers, medical masks, feminine care, absorbent pads and swabs, and surgical garments and drapes. The film grade is used in flexible packaging, it added.

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