The company’s plant at the Bahrain International Investment Park

The company’s plant at the Bahrain International Investment Park

Agma set for exports

The company projects the slogan of “German quality proudly made in Bahrain’’and backs it up by enforcing stringent quality standards across all its segments

01 March 2015

Arabian-German Manufacturing Company (Agma), which began commercial operations last year, is currently finalising export agreements for a range of liquid detergent and household and industrial care products, a senior official says.

“Initial shipments are due to take place over the coming months,” said general manager Horst Andres. “Our focus for 2015 is the major expansion of exports to GCC countries.”

“Recently, Agma’s products were approved by the (Bahraini) government for their projects under tender,” said Andres.

Agma products are already available at nine branches of Mega Mart, Micromats at Maqaba, four outlets of Babason and three outlets of Ramis. Several cleaning contracting companies, laundries, supermarkets and food stores and small shops have been stocking up on the company’s products.

Capacity at Agma’s production facilities at the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) is 30 million litres annually across five fully automated lines which can run 24 hours if necessary in three shifts.

Agma bleach products

Agma bleach products

Production technology is sourced from countries including Australia and Italy and raw materials come from all over the world with the main commodity supplied by LG Household and Healthcare Ltd, Korea.

Andres highlights that only the best of the perfumes are used, supplies coming from leading manufacturers in the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.

“Dedicated and intensive research work has been completed by the Agma team to find the best suppliers of premium quality raw materials, and the fact that our operation’s location is within the BIIP gives us access to duty-free imports of raw materials and allows us to source the best-quality, lowest-cost materials from anywhere in the world,” said Andres. What motivated the company to select Bahrain as the site of its production operations was “the nature of friendly Bahrainis who look for good-quality products, the generous facilities provided by the Government of Bahrain and excellent infrastructure in the heart of GCC countries.”

Products produced in high volumes were Chlorwhite Bleach and Spark Dishwashing Liquid, said Andres. During the next two or three years, he expects the following Agma products to make strong headway in local and international markets: Agma and Ajeeb Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Chlorfix Bleach, Daily Soft Hand Wash (Antibacterial), Spark Dishwashing Liquid (Premium)  and Spring Breeze Fabric Softener.
The company also lists Thunder All Purpose Cleaner, Shaila Abaya Shampoo, Shiny Glass Cleaner and Agma Speedwash Car Shampoo in its portfolio.

An Agma statement says the company’s vision is to efficiently, safely and carefully produce, distribute and sell premium-quality, environmentally friendly household and industrial care products across the GCC at the lowest industry cost, using modern technologies and superior branding.

Key shareholders include Baresco Holding, Bahrain Industrial Group, Fawaz Algosaibi Holding and Bahrain Development Bank.


Andres believes Agma will make a mark in international markets despite competition being strong. He notes that the company’s philosophy of being “friendly to the consumer and friendly to the environment” will take it far. “Having brought together packaging knowledge, expertise and technology from around the world and having strong local partners in Bahrain, Agma is striving to be the highest-quality locally made detergents supplier in the GCC – ‘German quality proudly made in Bahrain’.”

“This quality, its world-class production facility and its local knowledge is what will continue to set it apart from its competitors.”

Daily Soft Hand Wash

Daily Soft Hand Wash

Safety and the environment are among the top priorities at Agma. The company has complied with the Bahrain Ministerial Order No 7 of 2002 with respect to control of banned and severely restricted chemicals; Ministerial Order No 3 of 2006 (hazardous waste management) and Ministerial Order No 4 of 2006 (hazardous chemicals management).

Staff has been trained by the Bahrain Society of Engineers for environmental legislations in Bahrain and compliance reporting.

The company has been assessed and certified by Direct Assessment Services (DAS-UK) and meets the regulatory requirements of the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

All Agma products have been approved and testified by SGS Gulf Limited in Dubai and meet the requirements set by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO).

The company has an advanced laboratory for maintaining high levels of quality control and ongoing research and development.

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